I Find a Keyboard or Mouse Hard to Use

If you find a keyboard or mouse difficult to use, the following information explains how to use speech recognition software to navigate web pages.

Speech recognition software allows the user to move focus to an application object by voicing the object label name or the object type.
Object types include:

  •         Text Box

  •         List Box

  •         Link

  •         Image

  •         Screen

  •         File

Each of these object types are given a label name that is visible on the screen and the voice user can say the name to move focus to that object.

A screen, an application, or file can be accessed by voicing the text in the Title Bar.

If there is an object or many objects on a screen without labels then the user can voice an object type which will number all objects of that type on that screen. For example, voicing "link" would number all links that are on the visible screen and then a specific link can then be accessed by choosing the number desired. Voicing "checkbox," "radio button," "text box," etc. will operate in the same manner.

If the screen design does not allow moving focus by voicing a label or an object type, then the speech recognition software may provide a utility to move the mouse pointer in discrete steps or continuously.