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District increases concurrent enrollment students, credits

Davis School District is sending more students than ever to college with credits already in hand.

In 2018, 444 more students received college credit for passing Concurrent Enrollment (CE) courses than in 2017 . In total, 5,674 students earned 38,134 credits — an increase of 4,880 credits.

Davis also leads the way in credits earned among other districts in the state and has done so for the past five years. In fact, Davis sports more than 15 percent of the total enrollments earning 14 percent of the total credits.

The state also saw a significant jump in CE participation. Overall 34,731 more credits were earned statewide. That means a savings of over more than $78.7 million in future tuition expenses. Davis students saved $6.9 million in tuition.

“Concurrent Enrollment provides an opportunity to become more ‘college ready’ by experiencing college rigor in high school,” said district Pathways Director Holly Handy. “Besides earning college credit at a reduced cost, data shows that concurrent students attend college, persist, and graduate at higher rates than their non-concurrent peers.”

One differing trend in Davis when compared with the state was the number of male students versus female students taking CE courses. The breakdown is 49.4 percent female and 50.6 percent male in Davis, while the state breakdown is 46.1 percent male and 53.9 percent female.

Weber State University saw the highest number of CE credits earned with 85 percent. Davis partners with WSU, Utah Valley University, Utah State University and Salt Lake Community College. Students in the district can choose from 95 different CE courses. 

“We commend our teachers, administrators and counselors for their efforts at encouraging and preparing students to participate in college level coursework,” said Superintendent Reid Newey. “Our students will leave high school better prepared for post-secondary education as well as careers for having taken concurrent enrollment classes.”

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Superintendency Message

Be grateful for little things

By Business Administrator Craig Carter

Halloween decorations and all the costumes are packed away. (For my friend Dee Rice, that may take several weeks to accomplish.) The leftover candy is sitting in faculty rooms, offices, and breakrooms around the district. Christmas music is playing on satellite radio. Our attention is now turning toward the holidays.

 As we approach Thanksgiving, we traditionally turn our thoughts to what we are thankful for. I wonder if people feel more thankful this year or less thankful. The political season seems to bring out more negative feelings than positive ones.

Many of our Davis School District family are and/or have dealt with tragedies and heartache this year. Should they feel thankful? For many of us, life is hard. Consequently, feeling thankful or grateful doesn’t come easy at times.

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Davis By The Numbers

72,264 students enrolled in 92 district schools

94% graduation rate

$67M in education and athletic scholarships earned by the Class of 2018

33,250 credits earned toward college through Concurrent Enrollment

7 times on the AP Honor Roll

21immersion schools offering French, Spanish or Chinese

$3M raised by Davis Education Foundation for classroom and innovative grants