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  • Boundary variance requests available


    map pinpoint Students wishing to attend a school other than their boundary school during the 2018-19 school year can now file a variance request. Boundary variance requests will be accepted through Feb. 16. This infographic briefly explains the variance process.


    Variance approvals are made based on district policy, which is available here. The district follows state law in its designation of open schools.


    Schools above capacity are closed to open enrollment. The open/closed status of each school is available here. For open schools, if the number of applications exceeds the open enrollment spots, a random selection process is used.


    Variance applications MUST be submitted online using your My.DSD account. Click here for step-by-step instructions.


    Written notification will be sent to each applicant by April 1.


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  • Board gives unanimous final approval
    to boundary proposal

    The Board of Education of the Davis School District Tuesday evening unanimously gave final approval to attendance boundaries that will affect six of the district's nine traditional high schools.


    The boundary proposal is the same that the board gave first-reading approval to back on Nov. 21. It is also the same proposal given to the seven-member group by the board's high school boundary consultant, Dr. Darrell White, prior to holding a Nov. 8 boundary public hearing at Layton High School. During that meeting, the school board heard from 93 individual residents who each addressed it at an open microphone.


    Click here to view the approved boundaries for Bountiful, Davis, Farmington, Layton, Viewmont and Woods Cross high schools.

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  • Board adopts 2018-19 school year calendar 

    calendar The Board of Education adopted the 2018-19 school year calendar Tuesday during its regular meeting.


    Elementary School Director Helene Van Natter said the traditional nine-month calendar includes a start date of Wednesday, Aug. 22 and end date of Friday, May 31.  The draft calendar also schedules a winter recess from Dec. 21 through Jan. 2 and weeklong spring break from April 1-5.


    Additionally, a professional development day for teachers has been set for Sept. 17. State board rule allows up to four regular school days to be used as professional development days. The district is using one of those.


    On the year-round calendar, which currently is only for Sand Springs Elementary, two professional development days were scheduled.


    Test dates and parent teacher conferences will be added to the calendar in the spring.


    View the traditional calendar here.

    View the year-round calendar here.

    Questions about the calendar? We answer some frequently asked questions here.  

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Superintendency Message

  • Holiday wish echoes message
    of King George V

    Assistant Superintendent Logan Toone On Christmas Day in 1932, through the marvels of then-modern technology, subjects of the British Empire listened to King George V give the first Royal Christmas Radio Broadcast. Penned by the famous British author, Rudyard Kipling, his words that morning included a veiled reference to Charles Dickens’ "A Christmas Carol" — advising the people on their past, present, and future.


    “It may be that our future may lay upon us more than one stern test. Our past will have taught us how to meet it unshaken. For the present, the work to which we are all equally bound is to arrive at a reasoned tranquillity within our borders; to regain prosperity without self-seeking; and to carry with us those whom the burden of past years has disheartened or overborne.”


    Application of these words to the work of our schools is straightforward. The future which lays ahead for our students is uncertain — not only in terms of the challenges which lay before them but also because many of their future careers, technologies, knowledge and tools may not yet exist. We are confident that we can accomplish the work of preparing students for the future because we have done it in the past. In partnership with all in the school community, professional educators have been successfully preparing students for their futures for generations.


    And what does the present hold? Well ... the present holds responsibility — responsibility to promote safety, peace, and learning for each student; responsibility to promote the future well-being of students while simultaneously exemplifying selfless consideration and respect; responsibility to ensure success for every student regardless of background, circumstance or skill.


    With that look at our past, present, and future, I echo the holiday wishes of King George V, “To all — to each” a happy holiday season!

    — Assistant Superintendent Logan Toone


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