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  • Schools make plans for trust money

    Imagine being given $6.5 million this year and $7.1 million next year. What’s the caveat? You need to come up with a plan on how you’d use the money.

    It may sort of sound like the 1985 movie “Brewster’s Millions,” but this is reality in the Davis School District. It’s so much of a reality that scores of people — made up of school administrators and members of school Community Councils — spent this week in what’s termed in the district as “Learning First Planning Days.” The days, which amount to a lot of hours of work, result in plans that are forwarded to and scoured over by the Davis School District Board of Education for approval.

    The activity occurs every spring as school community councils complete one of two cycles of planning and reporting each year. This first cycle includes a plan to improve instruction and student achievement in their schools.

    The funds are generated through Utah’s 3.4 million acres of trust lands and result in Learning And Nurturing Development (LAND) Trust funds. Unlike public lands held in public domain, trust lands are parcels of land held in trust to support 12 state institutions, primarily the K-12 public education system.


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Superintendency Message

  • Greatness and potential fill
    halls of district schools

    Logan Toone

    I’d like to address this month’s superintendency message directly to the students of Davis School District.  As I interact with you in my work, I see greatness and potential, and my mind is filled with hope for our future.  My message to you is one of gratitude for your future acts – the things you will someday do to make our world a better place.  



    • Thank you in advance for inventing medical equipment that saves lives.
    • Thank you in advance for making our cars and airplanes safer and more efficient.
    • Thank you in advance for preserving our freedom, rights, and political stability.
    • Thank you in advance for touching the soul of humanity with your art and music.
    • Thank you in advance for writing books and poems which expand our views and bring joy into our lives.
    • Thank you in advance for befriending the lonely and being generous to the needy.
    • Thank you in advance for understanding our differences and accepting them with kindness and respect.
    • Thank you in advance for being vigilant and watchful in order to keep us all safe.
    • Thank you in advance for making the earth clean and beautiful.
    • Thank you in advance for working hard while you are young, for becoming great at what you do, and for making a difference.  


    Wherever you may go, whatever you may do, whoever you may become – THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!

    — Assistant Superintendent Logan Toone

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