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Head Start/Early Head Start and Title I Preschool

Family Enrichment Center - 320 South 500 East - Kaysville - Utah 84037
(801) 402-0650

Head Start Options: 
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To register for Head Start/Early Head Start call (801) 402-0650 for an appointment. Title I registration can be done on-line or by calling for an appointment.

Upcoming Events for Head Start Families:

Food Sense Class

The FEC houses the administrative offices for Head Start, Early Head Start and Title I Preschool as well as the PIRC Library, 2 Full Day Classes and 1 Duration Class.



 Teresa Oster
(801) 402-0652


Marianne Henderson
Education Manager
(801) 402-0660


Lori Bagley
HR/Training/Facilities Spec
(801) 402-0655

Denese Eggett

Denese Eggett
(801) 402-0669


Rosa Garcia
PIRC Coordinator
(801) 402-0670


Becca Jenkins
Family Service Worker/Title I
(801) 402-0704


Jacki McCloy
EHS Ed Specialist
(801) 402-0734


Stacie Walton
Lead Mentor Coach
(801) 402-0662


Heather Linehan
FCP Manager
(801) 402-0703


Jennifer Benshoof
HS Mentor Coach
(801) 402-0727


Michelle Fieschel
Behavior Support
(801) 402-0658


Amanda Horne
HS Mentor Coach
(801) 402-0663


Bess Kendell
HS/EHS Ed Specialist
(801) 402-0661


Kenzie Parkin
Family Service Worker
(801) 402-0718


Brenda Warnshuis
Health/Nutrition Spec
(801) 402-0667


Karen Martin
Health/Safety Manager
(801) 402-0666


Eileen Bernards
HS Ed Specialist
(801) 402-0668


Jill Florence
Data Specialist
(801) 402-0688


Lisa Hyatt
HS Mentor Coach
(801) 402-0675

Brett Lund

Brett Lund
Fatherhood/Volunteer Spec
(801) 402-0664


Paola Reyes
Data/Fiscal Technician
(801) 402-0654


Head Start

Services are offered at no charge for income qualifying families with children three or four years old on or before September 1.

Teachers, Family Service Workers, and other support staff are available to assist families in areas of need.  Child development activities are designed to enhance each child growth and development through hands-on learning.  These activities help to develop critical thinking, problem solving, and social skills.

Davis/Morgan/Summit Head Start uses Creative Curriculum which promotes developmentally appropriate practices and daily routines and meaningful experiences that respond to children's strengths, interests and needs. There is a strong School Readiness focus and goals are established that will help monitor progress.  Child progress is shared with parents three times a year in the following areas:  Social-Emotional, Physical, Language & Literacy, Cognitive and Mathematics. 


Classes are located in elementary schools throughout Davis School District.  There are 3 options for classes:

  • 4 hours/day Monday thru Thursday
  • 6 hours/day Monday thru Friday
  • Two Full Day classes - 8 hours/day Monday thru Friday.  These classes are located at the FEC - Kaysville.


Early Head Start

Services are offered at no charge for income qualifying families with infants and toddlers and pregnant women.

This is federally funded comprehensive program that promotes healthy prenatal outcomes for pregnant women and enhances the development of infants and toddlers.  This program is designed to meet the needs of low-income families and includes services in the areas of education, health, nutrition, mental health, social service, disabilities, prenatal education, parental involvement and training.

Infant/Toddler teachers, a prenatal educator, Family Service Workers, and other support staff are available to assist families in areas of need.  Developmentally appropriate activities are implemented to support the healthy learning and growth of children.  These activities promote the ability to form trusting relationships, curiosity, and the motivation to learn.

Early Head Start Center Based classes are located at Canyon Heights in Kaysville and DCLC in Clearfield.

Early Head Start has 3 options:

  • Prenatal - Pregnant women receive regularly scheduled home visits with a prenatal educator.  Information, education, and resources related to prenatal topics are discussed at these visits.
  • Center Based option - Children attend 5 days a week for a minimum of six hours per day.  This option is for parents that are attending high school (teen parents), an educational program or working, and show a need for child care for at least six hours per day.
  • Home Based option - Classes are held a minimum of twice monthly for 1 1/2 hours with the parent and child attending together.  The teacher makes a home visit weekly to work with the parent and child on child development activities that can be done in the home.


TItle I Pre-School

Title I Preschool is a federally funded program.  This program is provided at no cost to those students who qualify.  Children must be four years old on or before December 31 of the calendar year and live within the service boundaries of a Title I school.

To register for Title I Preschool follow the links below:
Title I Preschool Registration
Title I Preschool Registration - Spanish


                                                                     Title I Preschool Locations

                                 Adelaide Elementary                                                  Antelope Elementary
                                 731 W 3600 S - Bountiful                                            1810 S Main - Clearfield

                                 Doxey Elementary                                                       Holt Elementary
                                 944 N 250 W - Sunset                                                 448 N 1000 W - Clearfield

                                 King Elementary                                                           Layton Elementary
                                 601 E 1000 N - Layton                                                  369 W Gentile St - Layton

                                 Lincoln Elementary                                                       Meadowbrook Elementary
                                 591 W 2000 N - Layton                                                700 N 325 W - Bountiful

                                 South Clearfield Elementary                                      Vae View Elementary
                                 990 E 700 S - Clearfield                                               1750 W 1600 N - Layton

                                 Wasatch Elementary (DCLC)                                      Whitesides Elementary
                                 270 E Center St - Clearfield                                         233 Colonial Ave - Layton








Policy Council is made up of Parents and Community Representatives.  Each classroom has an Executive Committee, and the Chair of the committee serves on the Policy Council. 

Policy council works in partnership with key Program management and staff and the School Board to develop, review and approve policies, strategic directions, criteria for the recruitment, selection and enrollment of children, funding application, personnel and other business that requires Policy Council approval.

Short trainings are done at each Policy council meeting, and Community Partners share information and resources available for families which the PC Chairs to take back to the parents in their individual classrooms.




Click here for Policy Council By-Laws

                      PC Agendas

  PC Opening Training                   October
  November                                     December
  January                                         February
  March                                            April

                       PC Minutes

  PC Opening Training              October
  November                                December
  January                                    February
  March                                        April



 "Many an excellent man is tempted to forget that the best offering he can make to his children is himself." 
     --Henry  Neuman



FISH Activity:  April 20th - Dinosaur Park     Click here for information
                                                                         Click here for Spanish




F.I.S.H Philosophy:

Fathers Involved Shaping Head Start children
Create meaningful opportunities for
men to learn and develop effective
fathering skills, spend more time with their
children, and become a player in the
development of their child.



Parent Information & Resource Library (PIRC) assists parents in taking a proactive approach to developing a whole, healthy family by making educational materials, training, support, information and other resources readily accessible to all families in Davis County.


The purpose of the PIRC:

  • Increase parent's knowledge and confidence in child-rearing activities
  • Strengthen partnerships between home, school and community in order to address the whole child
  • Facilitate family literacy
  • Provide access to information, resources, research, and learning opportunities that will support families in meeting their needs.

PIRC services that are offered:

  • Advocacy
  • Parent & family lending library
  • Community activities & events
  • Family access to technology and information
  • Seminars, Workshops and forums for parents, educators and community
  • Telephone resources and referrals
  • H.E.A.T. appointments

These services are offered at not cost to ALL parents.

PIRC Lending Library

The Lending Library is open to the whole community and is free to join.  It has information on a wide variety of issues which are faced by parents as they raise their children, as well as resources for children, such as:

  • Books - A large library of books on parenting such as Parenting with Love and Logic and 1-2-3 Magic, child development, self-awareness, discipline, self-esteem and a variety of other topics of interest to families.
  • DVD's & CD's - Educational, Early Intervention and Parenting videos are available for adults as well as Disney and other fun DVD's for children to enjoy.
  • Story Bags - Story bags contain a book with supplemental activities and/or toy items to help the book come alive.  Children love to check these out of our library!

PIRC Classes

The following are just a sample of classes offered by the PIRC, some of which include free childcare:

  • Parenting with Love & Logic
  • Kids, Youth and Women's Anger Management
  • Strengthening Families
  • Project Davis
  • Tools to Effective Fathering
  • Incredible Years

For additional information or to get class description call (801) 402-0670.