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By the Numbers

Celebrating achievements

First Utah district to have been named to the AP Honor Roll seven years in a row.

group of graduates from Bountiful High


Students enrolled in 92 district schools serving students from pre-K to 12th grade

Learning First!

The Davis School District was established more than 100 years ago in 1911, and continues to grow every year. Its mission statement is "Learning First."

classroom setting with two adult women and a young boy seated at a desk. the woman is leaning towards the boy smiling


In education and athletic scholarships earned by the class of 2023

Fiscally responsible

The district has received a Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting for the past 36 years.

Corby Eason with a group of students


Credits earned toward college through Concurrent Enrollment and Advanced Placement courses.

Supporting growth

Davis County residents continually support the district's efforts to build new school buildings and renovate existing schools through voter-approved bonds.

School board members, Liz Mumford, engage directly with students in a classroom setting

Outside recognition

The district is the recipient of seventeen Best of State recognitions in 2023.

A group of young students sitting cross-legged on the floor, attentively watching a presentation



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