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  • Davis Teacher of the Year Named

    Utah MESA Teacher of the Year! 


     Tami Pandoff from King Elementary School was named as UTAH's Teacher of the Year for 2017-2018.  She was recognized at a dinner sponsored by the Utah Engineering Council and will be awarded a $500.00 cash prize.  Tami is known for her enthusiasm for all things aeronautical and is pictured here in a flight suite worn while attending the Honeywell Space Flight Institute for Teachers last year.  You can find more information about Tami below.

    Elementary Teacher of the Year:  Tami Pandoff

    Tami Pandoff is a fabulous Cool Cat at King Elementary in Layton. Tami has a great family with a husband who "enthusiastically supports" her "MESA addiction" and three children who are a source of pride for Tami.

    Tami's life story is an example of why we should never stop working towards our goals and of the value of life-long learning. She says that school was difficult for her and that her education consisted of sleeping and being the "dumb kid left alone." Luckily, shortly after high school graduation, Tami was finally diagnosed as dyslexic.

     Tami says, "This diagnosis released a reading juggernaut. I embraced reading and devoured every kid's book I could as I gradually raised my reading level. While passing from a fifth to sixth grade reading level, I discovered romance novels. Oh, how I loved those romance novel!"

    Tami now holds a Master's degree and is very close to completing her second Master's degree. 

    Tami has a love for education and finds MESA to be an extension of that love.

    MESA has allowed Tami to share her love of learning and science with others. Her weekly meetings are over filled with 35 or more students.  She has taken her students on field trips to study aeronautics and then had her students apply what they learned to building hovercraft, then aircraft and rockets. HAFB Viper Pilots came in complete with their gear to help students make connections to possible careers. 

    Tami further developed her knowledge of aeronautics by applying for and winning a scholarship to Honeywell Space Academy for Teachers.  For this remarkable achievement, she was recognized in a news article in the Deseret News and featured in an interview on KSL.

    This is just one example of how Tami, as noted by her Assistant Principal, uses "innovative teaching methods to make learning meaningful, worthwhile, and fun!" 

    To fund the activities for her students, Tami is a "prolific grant writer."  This year her grant focuses on converting the school's neglected interior garden areas into thriving science centers, a great way to incorporate hands-on learning.  As one of her student's points out, "The things we make in MESA especially helps my understanding and knowledge of science grow."

    Currently, Tami's students are focused on design and engineering. This endeavor has them building a magnetic levitation track and cars – while trying to improve upon a known design.   

    Tami also arranges for her students to have great experiences outside of the classroom.  Each year she chaperons a large group of students at the Expanding Your Horizons conference and takes a large group to the STEM at BYU conference, giving up precious Saturday time. Tami also hosts an evening Star Party for her students.

    Tami is a great mom, teacher, and MESA advisor and definitely deserves to be recognized for it all!


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  • money

    The Davis Education Foundation

    has awarded

    Patti Moses, Speech-Language Pathologist at King Elementary,

    a $500 grant!

    Mrs. Moses wrote the grant to purchase an iPad Air, case/keyboard, screen protector and apps for students receiving speech therapy services. With the additional iPad, small groups of students will be able to use iPads on an individual basis for optimal learning opportunities and to maximize their therapy time. The iPad has proven to be a very positive, engaging way to provide visual and auditory feedback within a small group setting. Students can be individually instructed, observed, and continue practicing while other students receive individualized instruction. Thank you Davis Education Foundation for supporting King Elementary Special Education students as they work on improving communication skills to progress in the general education curriculum!


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  • car
    Is Idling Harmful to Children?
    Yes! An idling vehicle emits twenty times more pollutants than a vehicle traveling at 32 mph. These pollutants have been linked to serious human illnesses including asthma, heart disease, chronic bronchitis and cancer. Children, the elderly and those with asthma and other chronic health problems are especially vulnerable to the health dangers of exhaust.

    Is Air Quality a Concern in Davis County?
    Yes! According to residents, air pollution is the leading force working against health in Davis County. The Salt Lake City/Ogden/Clearfield metropolitan area has the 6th most polluted air in the United States.

    Commit to Not Idling Your Vehicle!
    Here are a few simple tips to reduce idling and improve the air quality:
     If you know you’re going to wait, turn your engine off.  Don’t turn your vehicle on until you are ready to leave.  Use remote starters wisely.  Warm up your engine by driving it, not by idling. The vehicle’s engine warms twice as quickly when driven.  Park your vehicle and walk into fast food restaurants, pharmacies, dry cleaners, banks and other drive-thru locations. If you must use a drive-thru, turn off your engine while at the window.  While reducing idling around town is great, you should never turn your car off in traffic.


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