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    Davis Enhanced Education Programs DEEP 
    (formerly Gifted and Talented Programs)
    Sheri Sauvé, Supervisor
    Sharon Gold, Administrative Assistant
    FAX 801-402-5333
    Davis School District’s Plan for Fostering Educational Excellence states that, “In partnership with parents and communities we will foster educational excellence in a safe and nurturing environment where all students can acquire the skills, knowledge, values, and commitment to life/or learning necessary to contribute and adapt to our diverse and changing world.
    ”The District’s Gifted and Talented K-12 educational program contributes to this mission by proving new learning for students who have already mastered some of their “on grade level” curriculum (called DESK or Davis Essential Skills and Knowledge Standards).
    It is based on the State of Utah Rules and Regulations for Gifted and Talented Education and also the Davis District Spectrum/Gifted and Talented Policy, adopted in 1992, which suggests that a "Spectrum of opportunities, resources, and encouragement be provided to each student based on that student's needs and talents." These needs and talents are addressed through a continuum of services model which provides increasing levels of curriculum enrichment and acceleration according to student’s individual needs.