• Safari Montage

    All educators (and students) in Davis School District have access to Safari Montage. If you are not familiar with Safari Montage please review the material on this page, which contains login information, tutorials and troubleshooting helps. Your school media specialist/librarian can also help you begin using Safari Montage.

    What is Safari Montage?
    Safari Montage is a Video On-Demand and Digital Media Management/Distribution system. It contains up-to-date, Standards-based, content-aligned video as well as other types of digital media, such as digital images, audio, etc.

    How to access Safari Montage

    On a computer:

    On an iPad:

    • Download the Safari Montage app from the App Store.
    • Open the Safari Montage app and enter the following for the host name: media.davis.k12.ut.us
    • Select your school or location then login with your Encore username and password.
    • Choose Safari Montage from the options.

    Logging in to Safari Montage on the computer 
    • Login to Safari Montage.
      • Teachers  - Login with the same username/password that is used for Email, Encore, etc.
      • Substitute Teachers - Login with the "webguest" username and password.
      • Students - Login with your student username and pin number for the password.
      • Parents  - Login with your student's username and pin number for the password.

    Getting Help
    Training Documents
         Safari Montage - Getting Started - updated 05/14/2013
         Safari Montage - Playlists - updated 05/15/2013
    Video Tutorials

    Archived Webinars created by the Technology Integration Center

    Other Help Resources
    Once logged into the program, click on Help in the navigation menu to access step-by-step instructions in the User Guide.

    On many of the screens within Safari Montage there are Tutorial buttons, i.e. the Dashboard, Media Player, Playlists, etc. Whenever a tutorial button is available, it will contain video tutorials that are specific for that part of the program.


    1. Uninstall the Safari Montage Media Player.
    2. Make sure Safari Montage is being accessed using Internet Explorer 11, EDGE, or the latest version of Firefox or Chrome.  
    For other Safari Montage issues, please contact Cathy Larsen at 801-402-5225 or clarsen@dsdmail.net.