Weather Reminder

Procedures district follows to close or delay school


As forecasts soon begin to call for snow, the Davis School District reminds parents about procedures it uses when considering school closures for inclement weather.

The decision to close schools or delay their openings actually occurs in the early-morning hours as district officials begin assessing what the weather amounted to the previous night.

The district also reviews current road conditions and weather reports, considers what forecasts are predicting and takes into account student and employee safety, busing and security. If the superintendent decides to close schools, that decision will be made as early as possible and before school buses hit the roadways.

In the event of a closure or a two-hour delayed start, the district will notify parents and guardians through a call out, email and text message. Additionally, the information will be posted to all school webpages and will also be shared via Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Area radio and TV stations will also be notified to spread the word that schools are closed. The stations will only be notified when schools close. They will not be contacted when schools remain open.

Parents are also reminded they may keep their student home anytime they feel conditions are unsafe to travel to school. When those situations arise, school administrators and teachers will work with students so that they can complete any schoolwork that they may have missed.

On a related note, if school closes because of weather, the school day, by state law, must be made up.

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