Cloudbook Care and Instructions

This device is intended for school work only 

This device is owned and managed by Davis School District. Some functions are not available, and content will be filtered.  Please keep the device connected to Wi-Fi whenever possible.

Taking Care of the Cloudbook 

  • Let the device sleep at night - When you are done using the laptop, please sign out and close the lid to put the device in sleep mode DO NOT SHUT DOWN THE LAPTOP! Make sure the device is plugged into power at night. This lets the device wake up at night to get updates. If the device is powered off, the device won’t wake up and updates will not happen. (Failure to do this step will cause your laptop to run slow.) 
  • Come with a charged laptop every day you are at the school. 
  • Connect to Wi-Fi before signing into the laptop. Click the network icon in the lower right corner to select a wireless network. 
  • Do not put stickers on the device. Do not remove any of the inventory device tags.  
  • Do not hold the laptop by the screen.  It will damage the screen.  
  • Do not put heavy items on top of the laptop or next to the laptop in your backpack. This will damage the screen. 
  • Do not eat or drink near your laptop. 
  • Find a safe area in your home to store the laptop.  Please keep them away from other siblings or pets.  

Cleaning Instructions 

  • Clean screen and Keyboard regularly with a soft cloth or microfiber with water. To sanitize your laptop use 50/50 water and alcohol solution.  
  • Never spray the device directly. Spray the cleaning cloth first, then wipe down the device. 

Important Troubleshooting 

  • Reboot first! - If your device isn’t working correctly, a reboot should be the first action taken. Click the Start button, then click the power icon and choose Restart
  • Check the battery life - It is always essential that this device remain adequately charged. If the battery is too low, the device may stop functioning properly.