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This Year's Calendar 2019-2020

The Board of Education approved a revision to the calendar during its regular meeting Jan. 8. Please note that fall break has been moved to Oct. 17-18.

FY 19-20 Traditional Calendar

FY 19-20 Year Round Calendar

Frequently Asked Questions

Last Year's Calendar 2018-2019

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs about this year's calendar

Why doesn’t school end before Memorial Day?

Weber School District graduates the week before Memorial Day and because of their tax base they have priority for the Dee Events Center. Since there is no other venue large enough for graduation, we end school the following week or later.

Why doesn’t school start after Labor Day or at least a week later than it does?

We could do this by shortening the Winter or Spring Breaks, or by going an additional week or two in June. Proposed calendars with these options have been overwhelmingly rejected by the public. Additionally, the Advanced Placement test is at the same time each year. Starting later gives our students fewer instructional days before the test which puts them at a disadvantage.

Why doesn’t Spring Break coincide with Easter?

In the past, many patrons have asked that we have a consistent week for Spring Break — the week containing   April 1st — so they can plan extended vacations. Sometimes Easter is the middle of March and sometimes it is the middle of April. In the past, we moved the break earlier when Easter was earlier but many patrons did not like having the break early when the weather was often poor. Moving it later, puts it very close to Advanced Placement testing, which we have been asked to avoid.

Could Fall Break be a full week?  Could we remove Fall Break?

Many of our other breaks occur in the first semester so we have not lengthened it.  We could remove fall break now that there is not a UEA convention, but the representatives on the calendar committee felt strongly that the students, community, and teachers want the break.  The committee also selected the dates that did not conflict with high school PSAT testing.  We recognize Davis is out a different week than many other districts in the state.  We will reevaluate this in the future to see if it was the right time for fall break.

Why don’t we start early in August, have several weeklong breaks during the year and go into June? Why don’t we start later, end earlier, and shorten or eliminate the breaks during the school year? Why don’t we start in September and go through the middle of June?

We receive many such questions that have competing requests. Over the last several years, patrons have expressed a continued desire for a weeklong Spring Break and up to a two-week Winter Break. The committee begins by deciding when these two breaks will be and how long and then works backwards to meet the required number of school days. Many would like school to start the second week of August because high school activities statewide begin then and there would be more school days before Advanced Placement tests. Many others would prefer to start in September when it is cooler and go a couple of weeks into June. The committee weighs these competing interests as they make a recommendation.

Why are there so many professional days?  Why are there early-dismissals and late starts?

We provide a professional day for teachers at the end of each term.  Part of the day is for training and the other part is to prepare report cards.  Our teachers have many demands as curriculum and technology change. Therefore, we have a day in the first term for training.  It is intentionally provided after school has started when teachers are not focused on setting up their classrooms, but early enough that the training can be implemented for the current school year.  Early out for elementary and junior high schools and late start for high schools provide time for teachers to collaborate as they evaluate student data and plan instruction.  Several patrons have suggested we just have one Friday off per month rather than early out each Friday.  This would not meet the need for frequent teacher collaboration and would not meet the minimum number of school days required by the state.