• Welcome to the Northridge Chapter of
    The National Honor Society
    nhs knight


    May is the month we devote to A.P. tests and graduation, so good luck to all taking the tests, and if you are a senior, please make sure your fees, dues and service hours are reported no later than May 25.  After you pick up your cap and gown, please report to B216 to pick up your honor society cowl if you are eligible to graduate with this honor.  The cowl is to be returned after graduation to the table where you pick up your diploma, a diploma which will specify that you graduated with this honor. 
    All juniors and sophomores are invited to use this month and this summer to gather service hours.   Please pick up a reporting form in B216 to fill out as you complete your service.  You can turn these in any time this month or wait until school starts next August.  Remember that "group" hours are those that benefit a recognized organization:  hospitals, schools, et al.  "Individual" service hours are for individuals who are not associated with an organization or your family.  Service for family means you are a member of the family.
    Students have been invited to help with the "Aida" production, a service project for Northridge.  Please check with Ms. Bucher to see what you can do to help out.
    Students have been invited to volunteer to help with the Cowboy Legends gathering at Antelope Island at the Fielding Garr Ranch over the Memorial Day weekend.  They would like you to donate four hours between 10 A. and 6 P. Saturday or Monday.  Things you may be doing include assisting with parking, information, or activity tables and collecting garbage.  If you are interested, contact Shelley:  stephanieshelley@hotmail.com.  You may visit the Cowboy Legends group on Facebook also.

    This national organization is committed to supporting students in their goals to achieve and excel in all ways. The shield represents the goals students in this club strive to achieve: C=Character: A National Honor student has integrity and courage to make the right decisions; S=Scholarship: he/she excells in classwork and strives to understand and use the concepts learned; L=leadership: the NHS student learns to trust his/her best instincts and leads the way for those who are less sure; S=Service: an NHS student shares his/her talents and time to serve others in significant ways. The torch on the shield lights the way for all to follow.