• Northridge High School Advisory  
    The purpose of the advisory program at Northridge High School is to build relationships, prepare students for college and career experiences, and develop skills that will enable students to become successful adults. The advisory program will:
    *provide students with the opportunity to connect with a specific adult for guidance and advocacy
    *personalize the high school experience for each student
    *help students succeed academically
    *help students develop social skills
    *prepare students for college and career opportunities

    Advisory classes are organized based on grade level and academy.
    Click here to see the Advisory Disclosure.  

    Sophomore Advisory
    The Sophomore Advisory Coordinators are Saralyn Lucas and Lisa Arango.

    Sophomore curriculum will focus on making the transition from junior high to high school, becoming familiar with the school, study skills, organizational skills, and interpersonal skills. Students will also learn more about the Academy program and opportunities in their specific academy. The UKnight leaders serve as mentors to sophomore advisory students.

    Junior Advisory
    The Junior Advisory Coordinator is RaDon Andersen. Juniors focus on ACT prep, post secondary options, community service, team building, and goal setting.  

    Senior Advisory
    The Senior Advisory Coordinators is RaDon Andersen. In the Senior advisory classes, students prepare for post secondary life with activities on goal setting, applying for college, job applications, and evaluating their high school experiences.