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    The State’s Educational Technology Initiative (ETI) ended in 2002. Davis District has demonstrated a commitment to enhancing the education of our students with technology through the district’s Technology Advancement Plan (TAP). TAP funding has allowed our district to continue being progressive in the deployment of technology in our schools.

    House Bill 160, passed by the 2007 State Legislature, provides one-time technology money for districts. This funding provides Davis District the resources to begin implementing the more aggressive parts of our TAP plan. Beginning with the 2007-08 school year, the Davis TAP plan implemented three major strategies to more fully engage our students and enhance their learning process.
    • Computer Refresh Program
    • Technology Enhanced Classrooms (TEC)
    • Technology and Training Support

    In the 2010-11 school year, the district purchased the Microsoft Campus Agreement. A portion of the TAP funds were directed toward the support of this purchase. This "package" or "software suite" saved most of ours schools money in software purchases over what they would have received through the TAP program. Therefore, the remaining TAP funds were distributed to only the elementary schools.



  • Information concerning the district's  technology plan:

    The current year's plan will follow the previous year's precedent by again directing the remaining TAP funds to only the elementary schools. Due to changes in the technology portion of the School Improvement Plans (SIP) in the 2013-14 year,  it has not been necessary for schools to complete a new technology plan for the SIP; rather schools can continue with their current plan.


    The TAP funding figures for each school for 2018-19 are now posted. Please click on the "School TAP Funding" link in the left menu.