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About Us

What is Davis Moves?

Davis Moves is the wellness program for Davis School District employees.  Our employees are our most valuable asset and we value their health and well-being.  By implementing a wellness component to our insurance program, we are providing a means for our employees to become more aware of their own health. 

How Does it Work?

Employees participating in one of Davis School District's health insurance plans as of September 1st of each year, will be assessed a wellness premium of $6.25 each month for the 10 months starting with the September 30th paycheck for a total of $62.50. This premium will be a separate line item on their check but is part of the overall insurance premium.  Insured employees who have the monthly wellness premium deducted will be eligible to receive a $60 incentive reimbursement.  This year, there is only one simple requirement that will need to be completed...Biometric screening, by going to one of our health fairs in the fall or by going to their own doctor.

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The Davis Moves vision is one of healthy, happy employees who can move through their days with energy and enthusiasm.  We want to create an environment of well-being that promotes healthy living.


The goal of Davis Moves is to provide a means for our employees to become more aware of their own health and health risks, to improve the overall health of our employees, and reduce insurance and health care costs so that employees may live fuller, happier lives.


Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.  Do part time or uninsured employees need to have their blood work drawn and complete the Personal Health  Assessment (PHA) online?

We want all employees to be involved in wellness activities. However, part-time employees are not required to have their Biometric screening done at the health fairs nor do they have to complete the PHA online. No money will be deducted for wellness from those who are part-time and aren't insured through Davis School District.

2.  What happens to the $2.50 that we don't get back?

The $2.50 that is not reimbursed goes into an incentive program to help our Wellness Captains motivate and encourage employees to participate in wellness activities at their schools/departments.

3.  Who will see the results of my blood work and PHA?

By law, the results of your Biometric screenings and health risk assessment (HRA) are confidential. This information stays between you and your insurance carrier.  No one at the district will have access to your information.

4. How and when will I get the $60.00 reimbursement?

Your $60.00 reimbursement will happen beginning in November when you complete requirement (Biometric Screening). Reimbursements will continue through the end of the school year (May) as requirements are completed.  

5.  Does the deduction and reimbursement happen before or after taxes?

No taxes will be involved in this transaction.  The deduction doesn't reflect taxes and you will be reimbursed the entire $60.00 with no taxes withheld.

6.  Can I get my blood work done at my doctor's office?

Yes, you can have your blood work done at your doctor’s office.  On this web page under “$60 Incentive”, you will find the physician form that will need to be signed by your doctor and emailed to Kim Johnson - kimjohnson@dsdmail.net or mailed to Wellness Program/DAVIS MOVES attn: Kim Johnson.

7.  Is the program a federal mandate?


8.  Will insured employees be penalized if they don't participate?

Insured employees will not be penalized if they don't participate.  The only thing that happens is they forfeit their $60.00 reimbursement.

Health & Benefits Fairs

We are so excited to be combining our health fair and open enrollment meetings this year! 

Save the Date:
October 28, 2019 Legacy Event Center** 
November 6, 2019 Clearfield High School
November 12, 2019 Viewmont High School


3:00 -7:00 p.m. at all locations. 
**Please note that the fair at Legacy Event Center on October 28th will be our big health fair event.  Plan on attending this fun and informative night to get your biometric screening, flu shot, visit with vendors, be entered into a drawing for prizes and meet with our DSD insurance team.  See you there!      2019DSDhealthscreenings.pdf

Health Heroes

Health Heroes 

Do you know someone who has made changes in their life to positively impact their health or others around them?

We want to recognize employees within Davis School District who demonstrate their commitment to live well through healthy lifestyle choices and actions. These individuals, HEALTH HEROES, have positively changed their lives for the better or have been able to positively influence and inspire others around them.

See a complete list of 2019 nominees Health Hero Nominees 2019

Meet our 2019 Health Heroes.  Congrats to all those who made inspiring changes in their lives and the lives of others!  

2019 Health Heroes



Employee Assistance Program

What is an Employee Assistance Program (EAP)? Free, brief, confidential counseling that is available to insurance eligible employees, spouses, and dependent children(up to age 26) by a staff of licensed mental health professionals.

What Can I get Counseling for?

  • marital conflict and parenting
  • depression and anxiety
  • stress (life and workplace)
  • substance abuse
  • grief and loss
  • wellness strategies
  • 24/7 Crisis Help Available

Who runs DSD's Employee Assistance Program? Davis School District has partnered with Intermountain Live Well for this benefit.

How do I make an appointment? You simply call (801)442-3509 or email eap@imail.org


See a Counselor EAP

Davis Dash & Bash

Davis Dash & Bash Registration

More Information to Come!

Success Stories & Accomplishments


Choose You
  •  I rode my bicycle for a total of 2000 miles this summer!  I did a ride called RAGBRAI (Register's Great Annual Bike Ride Across Iowa).  To prepare for it, I trained 1400 miles! The ride itself was seven days, 50-70 miles per day.  I rode a total of 450 miles that week.  From August-September 3rd, I topped off my miles to 2000!  I completed 27 miles on Labor Day, making it 2003 for the summer!  I'm not super skinny and I'm not young, but riding my bike makes me happy and I feel accomplished! - S. Johanson

  • I just wanted to give you guys a heads up how I thought the health fairs that the district put on were silly. Last year I got interested in lifting weights. I saw drastic growth. I log every one of my workouts so I can check my growth and setbacks. Later that year I started feeling really weak. I figured it was because of the intensity of my workouts and my body was having a hard time recovering (not being 18 anymore). I started feeling really exhausted. School started back up and the exhaustion was starting to get worse. In my workouts I was unable to do much as I began to lose my strength. It was time for the health fair and I decided to go to my primary care physician to get the form filled out. My Doctor did some blood work and discovered my thyroids were way off. Now I realize that I probably wouldn't have gone for a long time if it wasn't for the health fair. In effort to just get my $60.00 back, I ended up getting the treatment I needed and now I feel better than ever. I just wanted to take time to say thank you. I definitely see the benefit of the health fair.                               

  • After my daughter got engaged I decided that I wanted to lose some weight before her wedding. I changed my diet by eating at home more and I started walking a little. When school started this year our wellness captain had set up an entire program to get us thinking about our health. In the beginning, she asked us to work out 15 minutes a day and drink 8 glasses of water a day. She gave us charts to keep track and told us there would be prizes. She also started a walking club. We worked on doing the same distance in shorter amounts of time and it was fun since there was a group to walk with. She recently started a points program that gives points for eating healthier, drinking water, exercising and getting into good personal health habits. I have now lost enough weight that people are starting to notice and I feel great! Thanks to Davis Moves program.                    
  • Starting in October I starting walking each day at 10 and 2 with other district employees. This prompted my husband and I to do more so we started eating healthier. We cut out all soda and sugar and kept all our meals to lean meats, fish, or chicken and lots of veggies and some fruits. We started drinking at least 50 oz. of water a day.  Then we started doing workouts in the evenings with weighted medicine balls and some core exercises.  When we can't walk at work we do 30 minutes on the treadmill or the bike. These changes have resulted in reduced blood pressure, better glucose reading, and weight loss, together we have lost 75 lbs. The Davis Moves Wellness Program gave us the push we needed to begin the changes. 

  • During the month of October I committed to drink at least eight 8 ounce glasses of water per day.  Prior to this commitment, I drank maybe 2 ounces a day, and at least 64 ounces of diet soda.  The first day I spent the day running to the bathroom more, but I felt good. I had more energy.  In the past I would come home from work and sleep for an hour.  With the water I slept less, was able to accomplish more, and felt better.  With the water I saved money, since I no longer had the desire to drink soda.  My son started drinking more water with me (because I quit buying soda) and his dry skin improved.  Drinking more water really helped me feel better.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
  • I, myself, have felt better since starting the Davis Moves Program, because I have made myself more aware of what I am eating and also what I am feeding my family. We have cut down on processed foods and eat more all natural foods including fish, chicken, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. My family has a strong history of hereditary cardiovascular disease and I hope to be the generation that it skips. My father had his first heart attack at age 54 and of his mother's family, all but 1 of 8 children have had open heart surgery. I have become more active with the activities that our department has put in place to move more where we have sedentary jobs

Wellness Series

  • Davis Moves is pleased to present to you the annual Wellness Series. This series consists of different classes that are offered the 2nd Wednesday of the month beginning in September. These classes are offered to ALL Davis School District employees. The purpose of this series is to educate employees about different health topics to help them live healthier lifestyles and reach an optimal level of wellness.  Re-licensure points are available for attendance.  


Wellness Discounts

Tips & Tricks to Save Money