Yoga For Educators

Davis Moves is excited to partner with Student and Family Resources to bring you "Yoga for Educators"!

Wellness happens when our bodies are a safe place for us. Join Anne Clark and Lacey King for yoga every 2nd and 4th Friday of the month at noon, beginning January 13th - April 28th.  RECORDINGS BELOW.

Why trauma informed yoga?  

Trauma-informed yoga has several benefits for our mind and body. Some benefits include:
-reduces symptoms of depression, anxiety, and stress
-widens our window of tolerance
-fosters self-compassion
-strengthens our ability to cope with difficult emotions
-strengthens vagal tone
-decreases symptoms of PTSD

Emotions are stored in the body, and because of this it is essential to our well being that we give our body the resources to deal with the stress we accumulate each day. Movement and yoga are beneficial because they heal the physiological reactions our bodies have to stress and allow us to get out of our mind and into our body.

This class is for everyone - no experience required.
We hope you join us!

Lacey King, CMHC
Integrated Educational Therapist 

Anne Clark, MAED
Family Resource Facilitator