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The Davis Moves vision is one of healthy, happy employees who can move through their days with energy and enthusiasm.  We want to create an environment of well-being that promotes healthy living.


The goal of Davis Moves is to provide a means for our employees to become more aware of their own health and health risks, to improve the overall health of our employees, and reduce insurance and health care costs so that employees may live fuller, happier lives.

What is Davis Moves?

Davis Moves is the wellness program for Davis School District employees.  Our employees are our most valuable asset and we value their health and well-being.  Davis Moves wellness activities and resources (such as gym discounts) are available for ALL employees. 

What is WellSteps?

WellSteps is a tool designed to help participants achieve health and wellness goals as well as track wellness points that can help insured employees earn a $20 monthly discount on their health insurance premium for the upcoming year.

We know that just a few healthy behaviors can be effective in combating chronic disease risks.  With the WellSteps tools and resources provided, we hope to help participants make small lifestyle changes that can have a significant impact on physical and overall health.  

At this time WellSteps is only available to employees(and their spouses) insured on a DSD health insurance plan.  

The Wellsteps Deadline is Fast Approaching!

Reminder that if you are participating in the Wellsteps program, you need to earn a total of 25 points by November 30, 2022 for a $20/month discount on your DSD health insurance premium beginning January 2023.  For more information and FAQ's, click on "WellSteps Information" link.  

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