Energy Management/Enhancing Classroom Technology 


    Our commitment is to make the District's buildings a healthy learning environment, and to ensure that each classroom has access to the most up-to-date technology

    It is our goal to keep the education funding where it belongs – in our classrooms!

  • Doug Anderson

    Doug Anderson

    Director Of Utility Services

    Certified Energy Manager

    Office - 801-402-5339

    Cell - 801-628-8529


  • Jeff Dunlap

    Jeff Dunlap

    Utility Services Coordinator

    Office - 801-402-5221

    Cell - 801-628-7497


  • The Utility Services Department encompasses a wide variety of services. One of our responsibilities is Energy Management. Davis School District is committed to exploring every opportunity that will lower consumption and increase energy savings. The Utility Services Department is continually researching and implementing energy saving practices and actively working on strategies that will identify cost effective improvements.
    Another responsibility of Utility Services is to ensure that each school and classroom has the technology needed for a creative and enhanced learning environment. This is done through our Data & Wiring Service Division. 

    Our responsibilities are:
    * Coordinate & Install Computer Labs
    * Projectors
    * Data/Wiring Services
    * Maintain Intercoms Systems/Bells
    * Sound Designs