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    Board names new high school

    And the name is …. 

    The Board of Education for the Davis School District chose Farmington High School as the name for the 10th high school in Davis County. 

    Farmington High was the most popular name on the list of 22 that community members were asked to consider. A survey narrowed the list from 22 to 10 and then to 3. Other names considered by the board were Bayside High and Farmington Peak High.

    “We really appreciate all of the input we got,” said Board Member Brigit Gerrard. “We asked for input and we got input.”

    Board Member Gordon Eckersley agreed and said the board may have gone a different direction if they didn’t have the survey to indicate that residents in each of the communities that surround the school supported Farmington High as the name. 

    Citing board policy, Vice President Mona Andrus suggested the decision on the mascot and colors be entrusted to the students.

    “One of the challenges (Principal Richard Swanson) is going to have as he starts that new school is building school spirit,” Eckersley said. “I think it helps a lot for those students to have some skin in the game — to have chosen the mascot and those colors.”

    Swanson said he’s not sure how he will get input on the mascot and colors. He said he will work with students in the obvious feeder schools to ensure there is opportunity for many to have their ideas heard.

    In looking at the survey results, he said, one significant result is that students chose a different mascot than parents. 

    “We’d like to bring that decision back to students who will actually attend Farmington High School and allow them to have their voice heard,” he said.