• Walking into Delose Conner’s classroom is like stepping into a museum. In fact, the classroom is set up like the British House of Commons — two facing banks of desks. The purpose? Conner believes it facilitates debate with his students.

    A veteran teacher of history and government, Conner also serves as the Latinos in Action advisor, graduation ceremony advisor and was an award-winning debate coach and play director. A renowned storyteller, he is also a published author.

    School Counselor Teena Carper says Conner is the teacher all teachers want to be — demanding, yet compassionate, inspirational and life-changing. Adults who graduated years ago still speak of the influence he had on them, she says.

    “Every year Delose Conner is identified as the favorite teacher of the graduating class,” Carper says. “This is extraordinary considering that he teaches few senior classes. That tells me that he makes a lasting educational impression on our students.”