Welcome to the Payroll Department

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  •  Scott Douglas                                                  Holly Thurgood                                          

    Scott Douglas  Payroll Director                              Holly Thurgood  Assistant Supervisor

    sdouglas@dsdmail.net  801-402-5325                   Leave of Absences *Catastrophic Leave

                                                                                hthurgood@dsdmail.net 801-402-5327


    Laki Leota                                        Cindy Chambers

    Laki Leota  Payroll Technician                      Cindy Chambers Payroll Technician

    Garnishments * Tax Levies                          Remote Pay * Worker's Comp

    *Disability * Long Term Substitutes              * Military Leave * Retirement

    lleota@dsdmail.net  801-402-5236               cychambers@dsdmail.net  801-402-5324


       Kathy Hall-Horne                                      Tami Sorensen

    Kathy Horne   Payroll Technician               Tami Sorensen  Payroll Technician

    Full-Time PA's * Terminations *ROTC           Part-Time PA's * Child Support

    khorne@dsdmail.net  801-402-5326         tasorensen@dsdmail.net 801-402-5348


            Amy Dobson                                Leslie Rice

    Amy Dobson Payroll Technician                     Leslie Rice Payroll Technician

    Direct Deposit * Misc. Deductions                  Retirement * 401K 

    W-4's * Verification of Employment               lerice@dsdmail.net  801-402-5176

    adobson@dsdmail.net  801-402-5285


    Elizabeth Ward

    Elizabeth Ward Payroll Technician

    Flex Spending * District Daycare

    HSA Contributions

    elward@dsdmail.net  801-402-5232