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    Northridge High School

    Welcome to Mr. Kennah's Science Class!
    Welcome to Mr. Kennah's science page! I am very excited to be here at Northridge High School. I love what I do and think I work with the best faculty and students. I have been at Northridge High in the past as the boys soccer coach but this is my first year teaching here. I spent my last several years teaching at North Davis Jr. and I loved every minute of it.I have taught 7th grade science, 8th grade science, 9th grade Earth Systems, 9th grade Biology and 10th grade Biology/Human Biology. I am currently coaching the Lady Knights soccer team and have coached boys soccer along with volleyball at the junior high and high school levels. 
    I love science because it gives people the opportunity to understand the world around them. Through simple and basic observations people can make sense of the world and explain their surroundings.Some of the best scientific work has come from simple ideas, such as an apple falling, and that is, in my opinion, the beauty of it. Science is great for growing minds because it challenges students to make observations and encourages critical thinking. This allows students to develop unique ways to come up with solutions to an observation/problem. Science helps students gain confidence that they can find answers.