• kalt family
    Mrs. Kalt
    FFJH, Room 158
    8th Grade Math
    You guys, I LOVE math!  I studied math in college because I "liked it".  20 years later, I became a teacher.  I believe everyone can be "good" at math!  No seriously, everyone!  It's not about how smart you are.  It's about asking questions and getting those questions answered.  It's about practice.  It's about making mistakes and learning from those mistakes.  
    A lot of my students ask me "When are we ever gonna use this stuff?"  To that I say:  Math is more than just computations . . . it's about learning to make arguments, comparisons, connections, and analogies . . . it's about sorting and organizing ideas. . . it's about recognizing patterns . . . it's about almost everything we do in LIFE!  Seriously people, now go ask your English teacher when you are ever going to use Shakespeare!  

    I grew up in Washington but have lived over half my life in Utah.  I am married and have 5 children.  I love adventuring with my family to National Parks and such.  I love thrift shopping, running with friends, skiing with family, and teaching and learning math of course.  A long time ago, I earned a B.S. in mathematics from BYU.  This year will be my 6th year teaching math at Fairfield Junior High.   I love, love, love Fairfield!