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    Exploring United States History
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    Government and History are not just a collection of facts. They are real people in a real time period doing real things. Just like all of us. Some become famous, while a few will gain the title of hero or villain. Most people, however, throughout history just go about their daily business.

    My web site will introduce you to people involved in politics and their governments as well as different people and places in the world. It is for both practical items like disclosures and some assignments but it is also for exploration. There are additional web sites that will connect you with a few of my favorite places and people that you can connect to right from your computer.

    Explore the various issues and the different political party and individual's positions from the current issues page. Here you can explore in depth positions on virtually every issue. You will also be connected to newspapers in the United States and around the world to receive a different perpspective.

    You will also be able to view some of the outstanding research completed by previous classes in the Senior Government Research section. These students were just like you!The key phrase for this section is health care. Turn it in with your name and receive additional points.
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    In each of the subject areas you will find web assignments, make-up works, and due dates of major projects. You will also see links to other important areas that pertain to your particular class. Don't forgot to check your area from time to time for review help and even reward opportunities.