• Making the Move to finalsite logo


    Preparing for the Transition
    • Declutter your website.
      • Go to your website and look through the different pages that are published. Make note of any pages or content that is outdated or that you no longer need.
      • Login to Schoolwires and delete the pages and/or content that you have identified as being outdated or no longer needed. Delete the pages. If you have any pages that are "inactive," review the content on these pages and delete the pages you don't need.
    • Save any information from your website that you would like to keep.
      • Text: Copy and paste text to another source such as Microsoft Word, OneNote or some other location. This may include information about you, class schedules, curriculum content, etc.
      • Links: Make a list of the websites that you have linked to on your website. These links may be in the left nav or on a page. Copy and paste any links you would like to transfer to your new website to a document or some other source.
      • Documents: Save any documents, i.e. class disclosures, newsletters, PowerPoints, etc., that you would like to keep.
      • Images: Save any images you would like to continue to have access to. To save an image, right-click on the image and choose "Save image as..."
    During the Transition
    • You will continue to have full access to your Schoolwires website throughout the remainder of this school year.