Safe Schools Clinical Team


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    Safe Schools Clinical Team is a clinical consultation and assessment program providing input to the Student Services Case Management Team and feedback to parents and administrators. The following services are available without charge to district educators, parents and students when referred by Case Management: 
    Risk assessments for safe school violations, including aggression, drugs, sexual misconduct, fire-setting, harm to self, etc.

    Consultation to local school case management

    Parenting classes and other community resource information
    Mental health screening, consultation and referral
    Safe school intervention support for local schools

    Training to school staff on drug addiction, anxiety, personal boundaries, depression, and sexting. Please call the main office to schedule.

    For crisis resources please click here


    Safe Schools Main Office:

    (801) 402-5919

    Fax: (801) 402-5308

    Hours: 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM


    Ryan Regis: (801) 402-5912

    Bryce Russon: (801) 402-5915

    Matt Merback: (801) 402-5913

    Anne Clark: (801) 402- 5918

    Jenny Gatrell: (801) 402-5914

    Lacey King: (801) 402-5153

    Tawnia Kemp: (801) 402-5916

Last Modified on December 5, 2017