Mr. Derrek Bitner

    Computer Science
    Northridge High School

    A Bit about me:

    I have been working in the industry as a Systems Administrator and Computer Programmer for a web development company for about 15 years now.  At the final basketball game for Davis High basketball coach Jay Welk I realized that I was not giving back to my community like I wanted to.   I decided to give up working in the private sector and a lucrative salary to take on the mantle of a teacher with the hope that I can pass on my love for computers to the next generation of computer scientists.   With my industry experience I hope to help the students see what is available to them with some knowledge in computers, what it takes to get a job, how programming teams work, the development cycle, and my pure passion for computers.
    I have my Bachelors in Computer Science from Weber State University, and have industry experience with Web Design, Programming, Server Architecture, Hardware Maintenance/Repair, Network Design, Firewalls/Security, and many others.  
    I have a few passions in my life, I love Motocross, Jeeps, spending time with my family, the Michigan Wolverienes, and of course computers.