Northern Utah Testing Center Information

Contact Information:  Office:  (801) 402-5385  Fax:  (801) 402-5240 Testing Center Coordinator: Jody Bregg Email: davistestin
  •  Utah Students Connect Finals Week: May 21st-24th.

    Utah Students Connect has reserved our lab for testing May 21st - 25th. Hours for this week are Monday - Thursday 1pm- 5pm and Friday 1pm-4:30pm.Please note the end of term is May 24thso if taking the test on the 25thyou will need to contact Utah Students Connect. During finals week appointments are not needed.  If you are not able to make it during these times contact us to schedule an appointment. (Additional times are limited and will vary.) A valid photo ID is still required.


    Demonstrated Competency Assessments:

    These tests are not associated with Utah Students Connect. These assessments are designed for students who want to demonstrate they have the knowledge and skills to pass a class without taking it. Each test is composed of two or more rigorous modules. As students pass modules, they can move onto the next. Most tests require two testing sessions to complete. Please allow at least two hours before closing to schedule your assessment. After your application form is complete, including required signatures, contact the Testing Center to schedule an appointment. Also, please familiarize yourself with our new Testing Center policies and procedures for the 2017-2018 school year.

    Each assessment is comprised of multiple sections and may require more than one sitting. Students will have one attempt to pass each test. If not proficient they can try again in one calendar year. It is important to note that some assessments may require up to three weeks to initiate. Please contact the Testing Center for more information.

    Please remember to bring a picture ID and application signed by your school counselor when you come to take a Demonstrated Competency Assessment.     

    Closed weekends and holidays.

    Demonstrated Competency Assessment Results:

    In some cases, receiving results may take up to three weeks. Once an assessment is graded, a notification letter with the test results will be sent to the email(s) provided by the student, parent(s) or guardian(s), and school counselor.


    Contact Information:

    Office:  (801) 402-5385  Fax:  (801) 402-5240
    Testing Center Coordinator: Jody Bregg