Students spell their way to the top

Students spell their way to the top

Spelling Bee contestants

Can you spell recalcitrant? How about sarsaparilla or vernacular?

Those are the types of words school spelling bee champions faced in the final round of the Davis School District spelling bee. Moderators say the annual spell-off went a record seven rounds. Fifty-eight spellers, representing elementaries and junior highs across the district, tried their best to be the last student standing.

Spelling Bee winners

The winners are as follows:

First Place: Brooke Powell, Heritage Elementary

Second Place: Colette Duff, Holt Elementary

Third Place: Janae Powell, Shoreline Junior High 

It was a family affair in the winner’s circle with sisters Brooke and Janae garnering top spots. The top spellers receive My529 scholarships — First place $2,500, second place $1,500, and third place, $1,000. Each also receives a trophy, medal and spelling bee-themed goodie bag.