New Mural Inspires Students at North Layton Jr. High

A new mural greets students at North Layton Junior High School. It was commissioned by Principal Edward Campbell to inspire students to overcome life's obstacles.

The piece highlights inspirational figures including Robert Kennedy, Muhammad Ali, and Neil Armstrong."I want my students to know they can succeed," Campbell said. "I want them to know that failure is part of success. I want them to be inspired to achieve more than mediocrity."

Campbell started placing murals on the interior walls of the junior high after reading an article that found low socioeconomic or underperforming schools tend to put rules and negative statements on the walls, such as, "Don't Run in the Hall."

In contrast, higher socioeconomic and higher performing schools have more positive and inspirational statements and quotes, like "You Can Do It!"

"I started putting positive quotes throughout the building. Later, I placed acrylic signs with pictures of people. I wanted students to be able to associate with the person," said Campbell, who made sure to include women and leaders from all races on the hall walls.

Logan artist Tanner Stephenson offered his services for the school and chose historical figures and quotes. The mural was completed over fall break in October.

For North Layton Junior, the murals are an ongoing project as posters are added near the quotes to give further context and attribution. Campbell hopes to create another inspirational mural over the summer.