Mental Health Parent Series: Social Media - Protecting Your Child

Discover the power you have to shape your child’s mental health.

Davis School District invites all parents and caregivers to join in an informative and anonymous webinar series on mental health on the 2nd Wednesday of each month.

Hosted via zoom, the webinars are free to attend and cover topics such as bullying, social media safety and anxiety.

“We wanted to create meaningful parent nights,” says DSD Crisis Response Team Director Christi Blankman. “Each topic chosen for the parent series was created to cater to the specific needs of our community.”

Webinars start at 6:30 p.m. and last for one hour.

Next webinar: Wednesday, December 14 – Social Media: Protecting Your Child
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Future webinars:

  • Wednesday, December 14 – Social Media: Protecting Your Child
  • Wednesday January 11 – Why Our Children Self-Harm
  • Wednesday, February 8 – Emotional Regulation: Recognizing What’s Wrong
  • Wednesday, March 8 – De-escalating Cycles of Conflict
  • Wednesday, April 12 – Establishing Healthy Boundaries

For registration questions, please contact Christi Blankman at