Learning the ropes for track and field

Students sprinting on a track

Learning the ropes for track and field at Woods Cross High

Student putting a shot

A student giggles as the weighted shot plops in the sand in front of her. 

Not skipping a beat, Assistant Coach Dean Hansen encourages her to try again and demonstrates the best form for putting the shot a little farther the next time. Nearby, another student grins as he finally clears the high jump foam crossbar. Assistant Coach Samantha Anderson congratulates him and gives him new tips for the next round.

The track and field area south of Woods Cross High School was teeming with a mix of excitement and nerves as 115 students, ages 6-14, learned new track and field skills alongside high school student trainers and track and field coaches.

Woods Cross High Coach Zach Hansen said this was the first year the school put together a track and field summer camp. However, its success convinced the team they will continue it for years to come. Each younger student paid $30 for the four-day camp. The camp includes three hours of learning best practices for a variety of track and field events and tips on competing in athletics. At the end of the camp, students tested their new skills in a track and field meet.

Hansen said both the younger students and the high school students walked away with benefits. The camp participants not only learned new skills, but also witnessed the enthusiasm of the high school assistant who enjoys the sport. The high school students learned from their experience mentoring someone younger and it reinvigorated their own joy in the sport.

“Hopefully, their love of the sport spreads to the younger kids and helps grow the track and field community,” Hansen said.