Four new board members begin their service

It was a historic night for the Davis School District recently as its Board of Education changed in a dramatic way.

That change came when four newly elected residents of Davis County were sworn in to fill open seats on the seven-member board.

The new board members are Kristen Hogan, who will represent Precinct 6, Derek Lamb, who will represent Precinct 5, Julie
Powell who will represent Precinct 3, and Emily Price, who will represent Precinct 7. Each took their oath of office from District Business Administrator Craig Carter at the beginning of the meeting.

After being sworn in, they participated in the board vote for board president and vice president, which resulted in Liz Mumford and Brigit Gerrard being chosen as board president and board vice president respectively. Mumford served as board vice president
from 2019-2021. This is Gerrard’s first time in a board leadership position.

The actions were the only items on the agenda, but that didn’t stop a host of others from attending, including many family members, friends and former school board members who were there to add their support.

During the short meeting, Mumford shared her appreciation for the support she received. “Most of all, I just want to thank each member of this board,” Mumford said, “because they have been vetted and selected by their communities to represent the interests of Davis School District and students, and I know that each of them takes that very seriously.

“I am excited for us as a new board; to work together, create a board culture and to cooperate and collaborate together.”

Mumford expressed to the board her interest in three leadership tenants: shared governance, cooperation, and collaboration with district and school administration and engagement with district patrons.

“I think as we work … to develop a culture that embraces those principles, we will see success,” she said. “And one of the things that I’ve learned about boards of education over the last six years is that effective boards impact student performance.

“That’s really important to me because I have kids in this school district,” she continued, “and my neighbors and my friends and their families are in this school district, and we want our students to have every opportunity to perform and excel. … Our board wants to be contributing to that success. So, that’s what I look forward to serving as your board president.”

Board vice president Brigit Gerrard said she is very excited towork with the new board members.

“They are going to be great and we are going to get a lot of work done, but we like to have fun too,” Gerrard said. “Our philosophy
and my philosophy is seven equal voices.

“We are a board of seven people, … and we won’t always agree. But everyone’s input and feedback is important. We welcome
everyone’s opinion, and everyone is good at different things, (so) we are just going to work together and be a great board.”

John Robison, who served for six years as board chair, will continue to serve as a board member. He shared his gratitude for
those he’s been able to serve with over the years.

“I appreciate working with all of those who have been part of this — our school board members, who have been phenomenal over
that period of time, and our building administrators and our teachers.

“Having been in the district for many years, I have an appreciation at the level that I was at with the different opportunities I had to
be an educator,” he said. “Then to see what goes on from a board perspective, it just builds on the respect and the admiration that I have, and I know that I share that with many others, of the goodness that goes on in our district on a daily basis.

“These four that have been elected are going to be phenomenal board members, and it is going to be a pleasure and an opportunity to learn from them, to serve with them and I echo what Ms. Gerrard said.

“We are in this together, and that is a big part of why boards are successful, because they learn to work together, which we will. So, I look forward to that and I give full support to our new leadership. These are two great ladies who I look forward to working with and doing whatever I can to enhance their position of leadership.”

Board members Hogan, Lamb, Powell, and Price also introduced family members who were attending the meeting.

Hogan quipped, “I always thought people that got into politics were crazy, and I still think that.”

Price, whose uncle Jim Clark served on the school board from2009 to 2013, also added, “Political involvement is something that has run deep on my dad’s side of my family, and here I am.

“I never thought that I would be in a position like this,” she said, “but I look forward to it and lookforward to making good decisions;
good, informed decisions.”

Mumford explained the board would be attending a professional development conference the following weekend and encouraged
them to listen for great practices and ideas to bring back and share with the board.

“We will meet soon and collaborate on those ideas and come upwith the communication norms and the patterns that we want to develop as a board,” she said.

Mumford also indicated seating and committee assignments would soon be made.

“I really want to match people up with their strengths and their capacities and their interests in different