Elementary students compete in STEM Olympiad

Students solving Soma puzzle

Elementary students compete in STEM Olympiad

Students laughed and smiled as they solved math problems, built 3D Soma cube puzzles, created circuit boards and coded Spheros for a complex obstacle course. 

Those were just a few of the events making up the annual Davis School District STEM Olympiad. Elementary schools with STEM clubs practice all year for the opportunity to send two students from fourth, fifth and sixth grades for the half-day competition.

Annette Fonnesbeck, elementary STEM supervisor, said all of the activities are fun, but also complex as they test student’s math, science and engineering skills. 

“With this kind of activity, we are really promoting more wondering, more sense making,” Fonnesbeck said. “We have all of these fun events, but we’re really trying to get students to think about ‘how do I problem solve, how do I adjust? How do I get that grit and perseverance to keep going when things get hard?’ And to keep challenging themselves to find better solutions to be more efficient.”

STEM Olympiad rankings

Circuit Winners for PM:

4th Grade: 1st Parkside, 2nd Layton, 3rd West Clinton; 5th Grade: 1st Morgan, 2nd Stewart, 3rd Layton; 6th Grade: 1st West Bountiful, 2nd Parkside, 3rd Antelope

Sphero Winners for PM:

4th Grade: 1st Buffalo Point, 2nd Canyon Creek, Davis Connect, Stewart, Clinton, 3rd West Clinton; 5th Grade: 1st Buffalo Point, Vae View, West Clinton, West Bountiful, Cook, Morgan, and Stewart; 2nd Antelope, Davis Connect, Layton, 3rd Odyssey; 6th Grade: 1st Canyon Creek and Buffalo Point, 2nd West Clinton, 3rd Cook, Davis Connect, Morgan, Parkside, Steward, and King

Ping Pong Parachute Winners for PM:

4thGrade: 1st Parkside, 2nd Cook, 3rd Canyon Creek; 5thGrade: 1st Stewart, 2nd Canyon Creek, 3rd West Clinton; 6thGrade: 1st Parkside, 2nd Canyon Creek,  3rd Cook

Circuit Winners for AM:

4thGrade: 1st Woods Cross,  2nd Knowlton,  3rd Ellison Park; 5th Grade: 1st Woods Cross, 2nd Ellison Park, 3rd Kay's Creek; 6th Grade: 1st Kay's Creek, 2nd Woods Cross, 3rd Holbrook

Sphero Winners for AM:

4th Grade: 1st Endeavour, 2nd West Point, 3rd Knowlton and Woods Cross; 5th Grade: 1st Kay's Creek, Kaysville, Lakeside, and Lincoln, 2nd Woods Cross, 3rd Endeavour; 6th Grade: 1st Endeavour, 2nd West Point and Lincoln, 3rd Endeavour

Ping Pong Parachute Winners for AM:

4thGrade: 1st Sand Springs, 2nd Windridge, 3rd Woods Cross, 5th Grade: 1st Sand Springs, 2nd Heritage, 3rd West Point; 6th Grade: 1st Woods Cross, 2nd Kay's Creek, 3rd Lakeside


4th Grade: 1st Buffalo Point, 2nd West Bountiful, 3rd Davis Connect; 5th Grade: 1st Odyssey, 2nd Canyon Creek/West Bountiful, 3rd Stewart/Doxey/Cook. 6th Grade: 1st West Clinton, 2nd Buffalo Point, 3rd Parkside/Odyssey


4th Grade: 1st Layton 2nd Stewart, 3rd Canyon Creek; 5th Grade: 1st Stewart, 2nd West Clinton, 3rd Cook; 6th Grade:1st West Clinton, 2nd Layton, 3rd Cook/Antelope


4th Grade: 1st Canyon Creek, 2nd Layton, 3rd Clinton; 5th Grade: 1st Canyon Creek, 2nd Cook, 3rd Stewart; 6th Grade: 1st Antelope, 2nd Buffalo Point/Canyon Creek/Odyssey, 3rd Holt


4th Grade: 1st Kaysville, 2nd Fremont; 3rd Windridge/Sand Springs; 5th Grade: 1st West Point, 2nd Burton, 3rd Lincoln; 6th Grade:  1st Kaysville, 2nd Endeavour, 3rd Woods Cross.


4th Grade: 1st Lakeside, 2nd Kaysville, 3rd Lincoln ; 5th Grade: 1st Kaysville, 2nd Holbrook, 3rd Centerville; 6th Grade: 1st Lincoln, 2nd Kaysville, 3rd Centerville. 


4th Grade: 1st Heritage, 2nd Kaysville/West Point, 3rd Sandsprings, 5th Grade: 1st Kaysville, 2nd Heritage, 3rd Burton/West Point; 6th Grade: 1st Woods Cross, 2nd Knowlton, 3rd Heritage.