Educators from Egypt tour DSD schools

A group of two dozen educators from Egypt toured the Catalyst Center and Syracuse and Farmington high schools recently through a Workforce Study trip organized by the United States Agency of International Development.

They came to Utah following a two-week stay in Washington D.C. to meet with lawmakers, lobbyists and the United States Secretary of Education. While in the U.S., they hoped to learn about different models of education that could be replicated and implemented in Egypt to promote vocational readiness.

To see examples of groundbreaking educational models first-hand, the group made its way to Davis School District. While touring three DSD high schools, they interacted with students and teachers involved with career pathways, such as drone flight, digital content creation, health programs and culinary arts.

They learned about technical trades in which students can become certified while in high school, like welding, automotives, nursing and carpentry. They also talked to principals and district leadership about what it takes to build the infrastructure behind these programs.

Thank you to USAID for giving DSD the opportunity to share a few of our unique approaches to education!