Clinton Elementary turns 100 this year!

Clinton Elementary turns 100 this year!

Davis School District is excited to celebrate the 100-year anniversary of Clinton Elementary.

Clinton Elementary has been at its 1101 West 1800 North location since 1922. This school has served students in the city since 1885. At the time, it was called Summit School.

In 1922, the school had just eight classrooms, a furnace room, and a hallway with a coat room. After about ten years, a kitchen was excavated in the basement. At that time, the usual school lunch was made up of meat and macaroni.

Thirty years later, the eight-room school building was remodeled with the addition of two new classrooms. At that time, students from Sunset and South Weber also attended the school.

Four more classrooms were added in 1965, including a modern multi-purpose room and kitchen area. The kitchen and multi-purpose room still remain at the school.

In June of 1982, Clinton Elementary was expanded into the one-story school you see today. The east side of the current patio is part of the 1965 addition.

From 1925 to 1959, Henry D. Call served as the principal of Clinton Elementary. After Mr. Call, Eldren Butler served for 19 years. The following principals of Clinton Elementary were: Craig Poll, Les Broadhead, Charles Johnson, Kathy Scott, Grace Larsen, Chris Laypath, and Jake Heidrich. Julie Lundell is the current principal.