Students learn about courageous leadership at districtwide training

Student leaders from every district junior high and high school learned about courageous leadership and what it involves at a recent training. The training is part of the district's ongoing efforts to help every student in the district feel a sense of belonging and have an opportunity to learn and grow in a safe and caring environment.

"Being a courageous leader means that you are genuine, you try to understand other's points of view and you are also respectful of others," stated Charlotte, a student from Central Davis Junior High.

The student leaders that attended were members of the Multicultural Advisory Councils from each school as well as members of the student government. The students were provided lunch and had an opportunity to hear from Superintendent Dan Linford and other prominent members of the school community.

"Davis School District is on the way to accomplish something that is truly magnificent for children, where every single child feels that strong sense of belonging in a real way," said district consultant Dr. Karren Dunkley from KND Consulting.