Davis School District is All In for the first day of school

Employees throughout the district are working hard behind the scenes to prepare for the new school year. 

Two custodians sanitize the drinking fountains at Davis High

Over the summer, custodians clean every nook and cranny in Davis schools. They sanitize the desks, deep clean the carpets and make each building a clean, inviting place for learning.

They care for 11.5 million square feet of schools and district buildings - that’s a lot of scrubbing!

A mechanic wearing a hat works on a bus.

In the Transportation Department, district mechanics are busy at work as they make sure every bus is ready for its route. From oil changes to tire rotations to camera and security updates to repairs, they diligently ensure students are safe when they climb aboard.

Meanwhile, the bus drivers gather for a back-to-school training in preparation for the new year. As the first and last person a student sees during the school day, bus drivers are vital in helping children feel excited about school.

A woman in a hairnet pours a tray of freshly baked breadsticks on to a table. She is helped by another woman in a hairnet.

The smell of fresh-baked bread fills the building as the lunch ladies and food dudes bake breadsticks. They start by making the dough in-house and end by individually wrapping each one. The next stop in a breadstick’s journey is the school cafeteria to become a delicious part of lunch.

The Nutrition Services team and the nutrition managers in each school do great work to provide students with warm, healthy meals.

It's no small feat to welcome 72,000 students back to school. Thank you to each and every employee who is "All In" for making the 2023-24 school year great.