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Proposed boundary 9-3-19

Click on the map above to access a address searchable map.

Board views proposed boundaries for new elementary

The Board of Education of the Davis School District viewed the proposed boundaries during its regular meeting Sept. 3.

The community councils at Sand Springs, Ellison Park and Heritage Elementary will view and offer feedback on the boundary proposal during meetings to be held Sept. 9-18. 

At first glance some may wonder why the new school boundary reaches so far north. The population of students in some areas is quite dense. You can view a map showing those population pockets by clicking here or on the "enrollment maps" link in the left navigation panel.

The proposed boundaries must reduce enrollment at crowded elementary schools in that area. The current enrollment and proposed enrollment figures for the schools can be seen by clicking here.

Community members can send comments and questions about the boundary proposal to elboundarystudy@dsdmail.net

View a detailed map of the proposed boundaries by clicking here. The map is interactive. Parents can type in their address to see their proposed school.