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District announces boundary study for new elementary

Look around west Layton and it's easy to see why the district is getting ready to build a new elementary school. Growth is ongoing in that area and Ellison Park, Heritage and Sands Springs elementaries are bursting with students. 

The Board of Education has hired consultant Dr. Darrell White to oversee a boundary study for a new school scheduled to be built south of Gentile Street at 2504 West Sunburst Drive on a portion of the old Dibble Farm property. 

The board has identified three goals that must be considered as the study moves forward. Those are:

• Prepare boundaries for a new elementary school in west Layton; 

• Reduce enrollment at overcrowded elementary schools in the boundary study area (Sand Springs, Ellison Park, Heritage);

• Balance enrollments of the elementary schools in the boundary study area to the extent practical.