Boundary Study

The front entrance of Cook Elementary in Syracuse, Utah

Boundary adjustment proposed for Cook Elementary and nearby schools

To reduce overcrowding at Cook Elementary School, the Davis School District is conducting a boundary study for the school. The study has now progressed to a point in which the district will propose a boundary adjustment for the upcoming 2023-2024 school year.

This proposed adjustment calls for areas from the southern boundary of Cook Elementary to be moved to Buffalo Point Elementary, Syracuse Elementary and Bluff Ridge Elementary as displayed on the map on Page 2.

A more detailed web map and Frequently Asked Questions will soon be placed the district web site.

Regarding the proposed boundary adjustment, the Board of Education of the Davis School District will hold a public hearing on Thursday, March 2, at 6 p.m. in the Syracuse Junior High School cafeteria. Parents are welcome to share their thoughts with the school board at that meeting.

Items considered by the boundary consultant prior to making the proposal included enrollment capacities at the three surrounding elementary schools, the timing of the completed construction of another elementary school in Syracuse, the possibility of students being moved to a new school twice in three years and the impact of potential new construction remaining in this area.

The boundary consultant sought for a solution that would bring the best results for the most students, knowing that there was not one perfect solution to this complex issue.

To this point, the district’s boundary work group was directed by community input from meetings with the Cook Elementary community council and an open house with the communities of Cook, Syracuse and Bluff Ridge elementaries. Comments generated at the open house and through parent emails resulted in the addition of Buffalo Point Elementary being included in the boundary study.

The proposed boundary adjustment could affect the projected regular education student enrollment for the 2023-24 school year as follows:

• Cook Elementary — Decreases 191 students to a total of 691 students.

• Syracuse Elementary — Increases 36 students to a total of 789 students.

• Bluff Ridge Elementary — Increases 134 students to a total of 891 students.

• Buffalo Point Elementary — Increases 21 students to a total of 864 students.

If you would like to share thoughts regarding the proposal, please email that feedback to