Boundary Study

Elementary 63 under construction

Boundaries set for new school in west Layton

Elementary 63 under construction

The boundaries for Elementary No. 63 were approved by the Board of Education on Dec. 3.

The decision also makes changes to boundaries for three other schools in the area (Ellison Park, Heritage and Sand Springs elementaries).

The boundary study committee received numerous comments from citizens during a community open house, community council meetings and emails. All comments were reviewed by the committee and in many cases, incorporated into the proposal, according to Boundary Consultant Dr. Darrell White. 

“We would love to make every single parent in those four elementary school boundaries happy, but it’s inevitable that when you establish boundaries, some people will be inconvenienced more than others because they live further from the school they are assigned to,” said White. “There’s no such thing as perfect boundaries, but that’s why the process is so extensive to make sure everything is considered as we move along.” 

The new school is being built to handle growth in that area of the school district.

The board identified three goals that were considered as the boundaries were established. Those are:

• Prepare boundaries for the new elementary school in west Layton;

• Reduce enrollment at overcrowded elementary schools in the boundary study area

• Balance enrollments of the elementary schools in the boundary study area to the extent practical.

The proposed boundaries can be viewed by clicking on the link in the left navigation menu. 

“It’s important to remind ourselves that we are here to serve the parents and children of this school district, and we will continue to do that to the best of our ability,” said White. “We are confident that the changes made to the boundary have improved the situation for more people than are being inconvenienced. Because we have a great staff, board of education and parents, whatever inconveniences there are will be worked out.”

In a recent meeting with district officials and Layton City regarding the safety of students walking to schools in the boundary study area, city officials confirmed that crossing guards will be placed in every area where a crossing guard is required.