Boundary Study

Board of Education meeting

Boundary adjustment considered for West Point and West Clinton elementary

Growth continues on the west side of Davis County and with that growth comes students.

West Point Elementary is bursting at the seams with nearly 1,100 students enrolled there. Neighboring West Clinton Elementary has some wiggle room and growth forecasts show steady numbers at that school for the next two years.

With that in mind, the Davis School District is considering a small boundary change for those two schools. When considering new boundaries, the district looks at factors such as current and future growth patterns, feeder patterns to secondary schools, safety of students, natural topography, continuation of neighborhood groups and transportation.

Before the district gets too much further into the study, however, it wants to include parents in the process. Please e-mail questions, comments or concerns to or leave a voicemail at 801-402-5616. Final adoption of the boundary adjustments is currently expected on April 19 during the regular board meeting.