Sunset Junior High Rebuild

A rendered image of the new Sunset Jr High

GSBS Architects

Construction Manager/General Contractor:
Hogan & Associates

Guaranteed Maximum Price:

Building Completion:
March 2025

Project Completion:
October 2025


Project Overview: A new building will be constructed on the play field east of the existing school. Once complete, the school will occupy the new building and vacate the existing building. The existing building will be demolished to construct a new play field. The new building will be two-stories totaling 243,400 square feet. It will have 52 classrooms, a commons, stage, little theatre, and gymnasium with an indoor running track. Space for a “Teaching Academy” is provided in the building. This will allow the District to partner with local universities to train new teachers. The new building will be heated and cooled with an energy efficient ground-source heat exchange system which uses the constant temperature of the earth to heat and cool the building. The electrical usage of the building will be offset by photo-voltaic panels located on the roof. The site will have a separate parent drop-off and bus drop-off. A new artificial turf play field and pickleball courts will be constructed as well.