Junior High

High School


West Bountiful Elementary


MHTN Architects

General Contractor

Ascent Construction

Guaranteed Maximum Price


Estimated Completion Date

Fall 2020


Project Overview

According to the District's Facility Assessment Survey, West Bountiful Elementary has ranked as the worst building in the District. For many years, this school has struggled with a sprawling building made up of many additions. Parking and access to the building is difficult due to its location, tucked behind the freeway overpass and several historic homes. The building has many problems with rusted wall panels, leaky windows and inadequate mechanical systems. The old school will be demolished and re-built on the same site using the same design philosophy and energy efficient principles as the District's prototype elementary plan.

The new school will be designed to accommodate up to 650 students with 28 regular classrooms. The existing site at West Bountiful is just over 8 acres, which will complicate the ability to fit a new building while maintaining operation of the existing building. Design of the new building began fall 2017. 

For information on the selection of the architectural firm, click here.

On June 5, 2018, plans for the replacement of the existing West Bountiful Elementary continued to develop and a Construction Manager/General Contractor (CM/GC) was approved by the Board of Education.

The role of the CM/GC during design is to track construction costs to keep the project on budget. They will also monitor the bid climate to establish the optimal time to bid. Once the plans are complete, the CM/GC will then bid out all the sub-contractors on the job.  Plans are scheduled to be complete in September 2018 and construction to start in October 2018. We recommend approving Ascent Construction as the Construction Manager/General Contractor for the West Bountiful Elementary Rebuild.

For information on the construction manager/general contractor, click here.

Construction is scheduled for completion in fall 2020.