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Superintendency Message

John Zurbuchen

Future bright with women's contributions
to U.S. and district

By Asst. Supt. John Zurbuchen

In 1987, Congress designated March as Women’s History Month.  Each year since that time, presidents have issued an annual proclamation continuing this designation.

On March 1, 2019, President Trump issued his proclamation.  Read it in full here: https://www.whitehouse.gov/presidential-actions/presidential-proclamation-womens-history-month-2019/

As stated by the President, “Throughout our history, women have dedicated their lives to achieving equal rights for all Americans.” In so stating, he could well have been talking about Utah.  

Among all U.S. states, only Wyoming granted suffrage to women earlier than Utah, which did so in 1870, only to have Congress disallow enfranchisement of women in the Utah Territory in 1887. It seems that Utah was too progressive for Congress during the 1800s.

Furthermore, Utah was the first state to elect a female state senator. Martha Hughes Cannon was elected on November 3, 1896, besting her only opponent, her husband. Cannon was extremely well qualified to work in the Legislature, as evidenced by her four degrees, all earned before her 25th birthday. Most prominent was her MD earned through the University of Michigan.

In 2018, the Utah State Legislature voted to send a statue of Sen. Cannon to the U.S. National Statuary Hall in 2020.

Here in Davis School District, we are fortunate that 79 percent of our employees are female.  Specifically, 100 percent of our instructional coaches, 79 percent of our teachers, 63 percent of our assistant principals, 82 percent of our counselors and 85 percent of our classified employees are female.  

Over the past two years, DSD has sponsored a “Women in Leadership” speaker series.  Prominent speakers have included Utah State Board of Education Superintendent Dr. Sydnee Dickson, Sen. Ann Millner, Davis Chamber of Commerce President Angie Osguthorpe and Dr. Sandy Peterson, Dixie State University.  

This speaker series has been a wonderful opportunity to talk about leadership and to network within the district.

Perhaps most importantly, this is a great month to remind our female students that the sky is the limit. They can do anything to which they put their minds. We must encourage our young ladies to explore all our Career and Technical Education options and offerings and ensure that they are making good use of our Advanced Placement offerings, as well as our Concurrent Enrollment options.

Let’s make sure that our daughters explore their interests in math and science, as well as language arts, social studies and the arts. There is no place in Davis School District where they cannot thrive and find success.

As President Trump has written in his Proclamation: “This month, we express our gratitude for all American women who continue to strengthen our families, communities, and workforce.  Our future is brighter because of their contributions.”