Policy Manual

The office of policy and school law ensures compliance with State and federal laws and regulations applicable to the District; oversees training and professional development; and protects due process rights for students and employees in administrative procedures.

In compliance with state legislation and administrative rule, the school fee schedules have been revised to include a spend plan, maximum fee amounts for co-curricular and extracurricular activities, and a maximum aggregate fee amount per student per school year.

The Board of Education and its administration are interested in receiving comments from employees, parents, students, and patrons, on proposed policy or revision to existing policy.  You may make a comment at the Board Workshop on February 18 or you may submit a comment by email.

Submit comment by email

If you would like your comments to be reviewed by the Board of Education - include your name, address, and telephone number along with your title (parent, employee, student patron).  We ask for your candid views on the interpretation of the language the policy goals, and the means to achieve them.  The final draft presented for adoption will reflect modifications as determined by the Board.   Thank you for taking the time to submit your comments.

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