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 Utility Services Department

Energy Management/Enhancing Classroom Technology

It is our goal to keep the education funding where it belongs...        In Our Classrooms

Doug Anderson
Director of Utility Services

Certified Energy Manager
Office - 801-402-5339

Jeff Dunlap
Utility Services Coordinator     Data & Wiring Division
Office - 801-402-5221

Cindy Bingham
Energy Auditor

Office - 801-402-5246

What We're Doing

       What We're Doing      

           Getting Smarter About Energy               Saving Money and Creating Better Places      To Teach & Learn

We Ensure Our Schools & Students Have The Energy They Need 

The Utility Services Department encompasses a wide variety of services. Our commitment is to make the District's buildings a healthy learning environment,  and to ensure that each classroom has access to the most up-to-date technology. 


Energy Management

Davis School District is committed to exploring every opportunity that will lower consumption and increase energy savings. The Utility Services Department is continually researching and implementing energy saving practices and actively working on strategies that will identify cost effective improvements.


Data & Wiring Service Division

Additional responsibility include ensuring that each school and classroom has the technology needed for a creative and enhanced learning environment. This is done through our Data & Wiring Service Division


Data & Wiring Division Responsibilities:

* Coordinate & Install Computer Labs

* Projectors

* Data/Wiring Services

* Maintain Intercoms Systems/Bells

* Sound Designs




Energy Management

Energy Management

Saving Energy One School At A Time

Woods Cross High
North Davis Jr High 
Odyssey Elementary 

In the Davis School District Policy & Procedures, the Board has adopted a policy to establish procedures, obligations and expectations regarding the prudent and efficient management of its energy resources and believe these should be managed with a focus on conservation as well as education.


Learning First

Davis School District's mantra of "Learning First" has been embraced by every department. The Utility Services Department realizes that every effort must be taken to ensure students have the optimal environment  and every opportunity possible for their education. We believe that energy savings measures play a big role in this.  These energy savings efforts help create a healthy learning environment and helps to keep education funding where it belongs, in our classrooms. 


Managing Our Systems

One big contribution to our energy savings is the implementation of Struxure Ware to our existing TAC Control System. With the efforts of our Certified Energy Manager Doug Anderson, and our Energy Programmers Brandon Williams & Jared Arrington, programs are being written to ensure buildings are running at peak performance. With this management system, we are able to monitor temperatures and confirm our equipment is running at its highest efficiency.       

As you   can see  from the  graph  below, even  with all the extra space added,  and technology  within that space,  the energy  consumption  level continues  to reflect the results of a comprehensive energy management system.           


KBTU Graph 



We audit and manage over 700 utility accounts each month. Cindy Bingham identifies billing problems and works directly with each utility company to ensure accounts are placed on the correct rate schedules and bills are processed accurately for optimal savings.    

Davis School Districts utility costs for the 2016/2017 fiscal year was $9,566,921.  For the size of Davis School District, this is impressive!




Energy Committee

Energy Committee

We're reducing energy while creating a better environment to teach and learn


Davis School District Policy & Procedures states the Director of Utility Services Shall:

Establish a committee to develop Guidelines & Best Practices regarding energy and utility consumption as well as conservation within the District

Davis School District has created a 18 member Energy Committee which includes Doug Anderson, a Certified Energy Manager. This committee meets monthly in an effort to curtail energy usage. The members have been going about almost unnoticed. They have been going about in our schools and accomplishing some pretty amazing things - not only reducing energy costs, but they've also been enhancing the environment and improving air quality that our children are educated in. A few techniques this committee has implemented to save energy include:

* Repairing and/or replacing less efficient boilers, replacing critical parts and gaining electronic controls over boilers, fans and HVAC systems

* Programming software that gives the district on-line control over each of our buildings and 347 portables from one central location

* Limiting the number of school available for summer staff training and holding    those sessions in energy-efficient buildings

* Handing controls to teachers to adjust temperatures in their individual portables

* Through computer software, principals can now turn their office a/c on or off as needed

* Recommissioning mechanical systems

* Taking advantage of energy-saving initiatives and rebates by upgrading all  systems throughout the District

* Raising or lowering temperatures set points by a degree or two, which could save hundreds of thousands of dollars

Need further evidence of accomplishments of this committee?  In the past ten years, the District has added more than 1.3 million square feet of building space, but its energy use and carbon foot print reflects this committee’s comprehensive energy saving efforts.

Energy Committee Members:

Gary Payne - Administrator of Facility Management, Planning
Doug Anderson - Director of Utility Services/Certified Energy Manager
Bryan Turner - Director of Architectural Services
John Swain - Director of Environmental Maintenance Services
Mark Reid -   Director of Data Processing
Shawna Cragun - Director of Custodial Services
Brandon Williams - Energy Programmer
Cindy Bingham - Energy Auditor
Dan Martin - HVAC Coordinator
Gerrit Kruitbosch - Energy Foreman
 Jared Arrington - Energy Programmer
Jeremy Stettler - Plumbing Foreman
John Moss - Support Services Coordinator
Justin Mott - Bldg Controls Coordinator
Keith Gardner - HVAC Foreman
Leon Webster Electrical Foreman
Ryan Kay - Custodial Coordinator
Todd Summers - Custodial Coordinator

Energy Awards

Association of Energy Engineers Organization Award

Davis School was selected as the 2017 Energy Champion for the Public Sector K-12 category by the Utah Chapter of the Association of Energy Engineers Organization. The award was presented by Robert Hooper,  2017 President of the Utah Chapter of Energy Engineers.


Left To Right:

Jared Arrington - Senior Energy Programmer
Brandon Williams - Energy Programmer
Doug Anderson - Director of Utility Services
Robert Hooper - 2017 President of the Utah Chapter of the AEE



 Responsible Energy Developer Of The Year Award 

The award was announced and presented by

Governor Gary R. Herbert

Utah Governor's Annual Energy Development Summit January 2013

Left to Right:

Senator Orin Hatch
Duane Singleton - Former District Administrator, Technology Services
Gary Payne - District Administrator, Facility Mgmt. & Planning
Paul Barnes - Former Director of Utility Services
Governor Gary R. Herbert

Energy Star

36 Energy Star Schools

And Counting!

The EPA has challenged school administrators to improve energy efficiency throughout their facilities. School districts can answer the EPA's call-to-action by taking the ENERGY STAR CHALLENGE, a pledge to improve the energy efficiency of our nation's buildings. Schools that accept the challenge will join more than 500 school districts across the country that are helping to fight climate change by committing to reducing their energy use with help from ENERGY STAR.


Davis School District is proud to announce that they took that challenge,  and now have thirty-six, yes 36 schools that hold the prestigious Energy Star Award. That's triple of any state, school district or commercial property holder in the state of Utah!


The schools on the list are:


Elementary Schools

Adams, Bluff Ridge, Buffalo Point, Creekside, Doxey, Eagle Bay, Ellison Park, East Layton, Endeavour, Foxboro, Heritage, Holt, Knowlton, Lakeside, Layton, Mountain View, Muir, Parkside, Reading, Sand Springs, Snow Horse, South Weber K2, Taylor, West Bountiful, West Clinton, Windridge and Woods Cross


Jr High Schools

Centennial, Fairfield, Legacy, North Davis  and West Point


High Schools

Davis, Syracuse and Woods Cross


Alternative Schools

Canyon Heights High School



Congratulations Davis School District!





Solar Power

Davis School District

Making The "Greenest" Schools In The State

                                                                                                         Odyssey Elementary

Solar panels are breaking into the mainstream. In 2012, there were a record-breaking amount of panels installed on rooftops in the U.S. making solar the fastest growing source of energy in the U.S. As part of Davis School District's commitment to explore all options of energy savings, we are excited that we now have three solar powered elementary schools, Canyon Creek Elementary, Farmington -  Kay's Creek Elementary, Kaysville and Odyssey Elementary,  Woods Cross. These schools are engineered to be "net zero" ready, meaning installed photovoltaic solar arrays can generate enough power for the school, plus some. 

Odyssey Elementary makes use of highly efficient building systems (thermal displacement, ventilation, ground source heating and cooling, LED light harvesting, and low water use systems) that are responsive to one another.  There are over 1,200 solar panels on the building that convert the sun's energy into electricity for the buildings use, including a photovoltaic array on the roof as well as solar panels that double as sunshades over the windows on the south side of the building. Odyssey Elementary stands as proof that net zero school need not cost any more than a traditional school.  The students at Odyssey will study and witness firsthand how energy works, how it is used, and how it can be harnessed effectively.

Davis School District also has two solar panels and wind turbines located at Centennial Jr. High in Kaysville and South Weber Elementary.

Davis School District is committed to "getting smarter about energy, saving money & creating better places to teach and learn."





Data & Wiring Service Division

                 Providing and Supporting Data Wiring Solutions


Technology in the classroom is becoming more and more predominant. Tablets are replacing our textbooks, and we can research just about anything we want on our smartphones. The way we use technology has completely transformed the way we live and the way our children are taught. 

Educators have seen firsthand the benefits of teaching with technology. Educators recognize the importance of providing and developing technological skills for students. Davis School District draws on the vast resources of technology to give students new tools to learn more.

Keeping the classrooms up-to-date with the newest technology available is a full-time responsibility for the Data & Wiring Service Division of the Utility Services Department. We make sure that the network infrastructure is sufficient enough to properly support the end users, our teachers and students.

Our  seven-member  team works  diligently to  equip  each  classroom  with  the technology that gives teachers and faculty members the keys they need to enhance our students learning environment.

Listed below are the items we can help you with:

*  Data & Wiring 
*  Intercoms
*  Clocks
*  Classroom Voice Augmentation
*  Performance Sound Systems
*  Wireless Infrastructure
*  Computer Labs
*  Integration of existing and emerging technology which includes
*  Projectors
*  TV’s
*   Apple TV’s
*  Interactive Devices