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Welcome to the TECH TIPS TUESDAY blog. The purpose of this blog is to provide ideas for using new technology as well as sharing tips for using existing technology. Every Tuesday, a new tip or idea will be added to the blog. We invite you to bookmark the website and check back often. Hopefully you will find these tips and ideas helpful!

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How to Insert 3D Models into PowerPoint
Rachelle Herbst

PowerPoint 3D Models are like shapes, only with the complete ability to rotate the shape a full 360 degrees and tilt up and down.  3D Models should not be confused with 3D Effects.  3D Models are special files that represent objects in three dimensions.  They are especially useful for illustrating physical objects such as a product.

Check out the video on how to insert 3D Models into PowerPoint.


Here are two more sites that will be helpful with 3D Models.


 Using 3D Models


Doing More with 3D Models



How to set up and join a meeting in Microsoft Teams
Cathy Larsen


To set up an online meeting in Microsoft Teams:

Open Teams and click on Meetings on the left. side of the screen.

Teams Meetings button

Click on Schedule a Meeting.

Teams Schedule a Meeting button

Type in a Title for the meeting, a Start / End Day and Time, and any Details about the meeting.

Teams Meeting Details

(Optional) If the meeting involves members of one of your Microsoft Teams, select a channel for the Team in which you would like to meet. This will post a message to "Conversations" in the team announcing the meeting. If you are meeting with a random group of people that are not all members of one of your Teams, do not select anything for this item.

Teams Meetings Invite People

In the Invite People box, type the names of all those who will be invited to the meeting.

Click on the Schedule button. This will send an email invitation in Outlook to all of those who have been invited to the meeting. The recipients will have the option to "accept" or "decline" the meeting. If the meeting is accepted, it will be placed on their Outlook calendar.

Teams Close and Schedule button

To join a meeting in Microsoft Teams:

Open Teams and click on Meetings on the left side of the screen.

Click on the meeting to see the details of the meeting.

Click on Join in the upper right corner.

Teams Meetings Join a Meeting

Check to make sure "Audio" is selected, (video is optional and requires a video camera connected to your computer), then click on Join Now.


Cathy Larsen

ClassroomScreen is a web based tool that is a one-stop-shop with useful widgets you can use while teaching or while students are working. Currently, there are twelve widgets you can use on ClassroomScreen. Multiple widgets can be displayed at once. To see an overview of how you can use ClassroomScreen in a classroom, click on this YouTube video link.

ClassroomScreen icons

Language – Choose to display text in a large range of languages

Background – Customize your background with one of the images or GIFs provided. Or, you can upload or record your own background.

Random Name/Dice – Enter the names of students and choose one at random. Or, roll one or more dice.

Sound Level – Monitor classroom noise levels using the microphone on your device.

QR Code – Enter a link and a QR code is automatically generated. Great when students have devices like iPads — they can come up to the board, scan the code and go straight to a site.

Drawing – There are two sizes available where you can free draw. The larger sized canvas can replace the background if you wish.

Text – A simple tool to write instructions, reminders, learning goals and so on.

Work Symbols – Display one of four options: work together, ask a neighbor, whisper, and silence.

Traffic Light – Display a red, amber, or green light to provide a visual reminder of when to move around, begin a task, pack up etc.

Timer – Count up or count down, record “laps”, and more. You can customize the tone that rings when the time is up.

Clock – Shows the time as a 12 or 24 hour clock. Also shows a calendar.

Microsoft Educator Community
Rachelle Herbst
microsoft logo

The Microsoft Educator Community is one of the world's largest educator social networks. Connect and collaborate, find training and lessons, and earn badges and certificates on this personalized hub created for educators like you.  You will find courses on Office 365, Minecraft, STEM, 21st Century Learning Design, and much more! Sign in, create an account and start connecting with thousands of educators worldwide.  Microsoft Educator Community

Rachelle Herbst
screencast o matic logo

Screencast-O-Matic is a free screen recorder for Windows and Mac to capture any area of your screen with the option to add narration from your microphone and video from your webcam.  Great device to use for a flipped faculty meeting!!

Screencast-O-Matic Example



Embedding a YouTube Video in Sway
Rachelle Herbst

Embedding a YouTube Video in Sway!

Here are the instructions on how to do that.

1.  Click on the plus sign on a card in Sway, choose Media, and then choose Embed.


 2.  Go to YouTube and find a video you would like to embed.  Click on Share and then choose Embed.


3.  Copy the embed code that comes up for the video.

example of embed code

4.  Paste the embed code into your Sway.

paste embed code


Timer - Tab
Rachelle Herbst

Countdown, Alarm Clock, Stopwatch. Once the Countdown, Alarm Clock or Stopwatch is activated, you can click on the time to maximize the time to the screen. The time also appears on the tab in the browser.  Just click on the link and you are ready to go.  No sign in required.  http://timer-tab.com 

Microsoft Translator in Word, PowerPoint, Excel and OneNote
Cathy Larsen

Microsoft Office documents can be easily translated into several languages using a built-in tool called Translator. Using this tool, you can translate a selection of text within a document or you can translate the entire document. Translator is available in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote on a PC, on a Mac, and also in Word Online through Office 365 or the Windows 10 app for OneNote.

To use the translator, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the desired document in one of the programs listed above.
  2. Click on the "Review" tab, then click on "Translate."
  3. In the Translator panel, choose Selection or Document.
    • If choosing "Selection," click and drag to highlight the text that needs to be translated.
  4. The "From" option should be on "Auto-Detect." This can be changed to the language of the document if needed.
  5. Change the "To" option to the language the document will be translated into.
  6. Click on  the Translate button.
Microsoft Translator in Word