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You can access the website by clicking on Quicklinks on the District Home Page. The  Canvas link is under Tools.

When you click on the Canvas link, you will be taken to a page that has a Login button to click on for District Employees or Students. This will take you to either the Office 365 login screen. Or, if you are already logged into an Office 365 program you will be taken to your Canvas account.


  • Use your DSD email
  • Password is your Encore Password


  • Use your DSD email
  • Password is your PIN Number



  • Use your home email
  • Use the password you created when you created your account

For more information on creating a Parent Canvas account, click on Creating a Parent Account to the right.




Canvas is a Learning Management System (LMS) that provides teachers with a functional and classroom focused technology solution. The big categorical functions of Canvas are:

  • Distribute Information and Instruction -- instructional materials can be loaded and organized with the purpose of getting and sharing information with students.
  • Assign Student Work -- scheduling and submission of student work online
  • Quizzes and Surveys
  • Grading and Feedback of Assignments

-- For additional help and questions regarding Canvas in the Davis School District you can contact:
District Canvas Admin: Lisa Lomax - 801-402-5241 - llomax@dsdmail.net
Canvas Curriculum Supervisor:  Belinda Kuck - 801-402-5209 - bkuck@dsdmail.net
Training/Support for Site Admins and requests for training: Cathy Larsen - 801-402-2552 - clarsen@dsdmail.net

Canvas Basics

The link below will take you to the Canvas Guides for Canvas Basics Guide - Table of Contents. If you are new to Canvas or just want to up your game with new knowledge, this is a great website to visit.

Canvas Basics Guides


Quizzes.Next is the new quiz creator in Canvas. To get started, click on the Assignments link in your Course Navigation and in the upper right hand corner of the page, click +Quiz/Test. Below are some links to resources to help walk you through how to use Quizzes.Next.

Please Note: Canvas Quizzes.Next does not allow for the creation of Surveys in the app. However, they can still be created by using the regular Quizzes option.

Success Team Videos
Links to Quizzes Canvas Guides

Creating a Web Page Using Canvas

If you would like to create a web page using Canvas follow the directions listed below:

  • Request a sandbox course from either your STS or contact Joanna Monson at jmonson@dsdmail.net
  • Click on the sandbox web page course to open it.
  • Click on Pages in the Course Navigation and create the page.
  • Click on Settings in the Course Navigation list.
  • Click on the Visibility field and choose Public. Below is an image of
    where this option is available.
  • Canvas web page settings
  • Make sure you click the Update Course Details button at the bottom of this page.
  • Click on Pages in the Course Navigation and then click on the View All Pages at the top of the screen.
  • Find your web page and go over to the right and click on the 3 vertical dots to the right of the course name. Select the option to Use as Front Page.
  • Click on the Home link in the Course Navigation. On the right side of the screen you can select Choose Home Page. Click on this and select Pages Front Page. Then click Save.
  • Make sure you are still on the Home page and copy the web address in the web address field at the top of the for the course. Give this web address to your school webmaster so that they can add it to your Faculty and Staff site.
  • You can also save this link and share it with parents and students.

Canvas/Encore Grade Import

District Contact:
Cathy Johnson - 402-5605 or cljohnson@dsdmail.net

Import from Canvas Handout
Import from Canvas to Encore Grade Book Video


Exporting/Importing Content in Canvas

Exporting Course Content for Second Semester

It's that time of year when teachers need to think about how they are going to set up their second semester Canvas courses. Here are some handouts to help you export and import your first semester content into your second semester course shells.

  1. How do I export a Canvas course?
  2. How do I import a Canvas course export package?
  3. How do I select specific content as part of a course import?
  4. How do I import Thin Common Cartridge files as separate modules? 
  5. **How do I adjust events and due dates in a course import?
  6. How do I view the status of current and prior course imports? 

If you need any help with any of the above instructions, please feel free to give me a call (801-402-5263) or email me at mhinojosa@dsdmail.net.

Michele Hinojosa
Davis Dist. Canvas Admin.

Creating a Parent Account

Click on the links below to learn how to set up a Canvas Parent Account.

Computer -

Students -

Parent Use on a Mobile Device - 

Canvas App - 

Canvas Parent iOS Guide - 

Canvas Parent Android Guide -

Canvas Tips & Tricks


Find Answers

Canvas provides a multitude of training and learning resources for getting to know Canvas. Below are some links to help you get started:


Supported Browsers

Canvas supports the last two versions of every browser release. They highly recommend updating to the newest version of whatever browser you are using as well as the most up-to-date Flash plug-in.

In the Davis district, we recommend using either Chrome or Firefox.

As of Feb. 13, 2018, Canvas support the following versions of Flash and popular web browsers:

Internet Explorer 11 and Edge 40 and 41 (Windows only—please make sure your operating system is also current as noted in the computer specifications lesson; you may need to download the Windows 10 Anniversary Update to submit Canvas assignments)
Safari 10 and 11 (Macintosh only)
Chrome 63 and 64
Firefox 57 and 58 (Extended Releases are not supported)
Flash 27 and 28 (used for recording or viewing audio/video and uploading files)

Some supported browsers may still produce a banner stating Your browser does not meet the minimum requirements for Canvas. If you have upgraded your browser but you are still seeing the warning banner, try logging out of Canvas and deleting your browser cookies.

Which browsers does Canvas support?