Extension Mobility FAQ

This is additional information that will help you with the transition to extension mobility.

  • How do people outside the district contact me?
    • ALL callers from outside the district will need to dial:  801-402-5555. 
    • The calling party will then need to dial the extension of the teacher they wish to contact.
  • When I dial a teacher/faculty extension it goes straight to voicemail.  Why can I not reach them?
  • I am unable to login to the phone, what do I do?
    • An error code will show on the phone screen. 
    • Provide this information when submitting a work order. This will help us correct the problem quickly and allow the user to access their extension and voicemail faster.
  • I forgot my PIN, how do I logon to my phone or voicemail?
    • Submit a work order - include the following:
      • User first and last name
      • User Encore name (same as email address)
      • User location/school/department