Ext Changes/Updates

After you download and fill in the sheet, send the finished file to:



You will need to call in a work order and include the work order number with the email you send in.  When filling out the form please include as much as possible.  This includes the following:

Work Order # - Please include the number on the excel sheet or in the subject of the email.

MAC - found on the back of the phone.  This makes sure we are dealing with the same phone when updating our information.

Extension - Teachers assigned extension at the school. The ext will follow them when they move rooms.  They will need to login to the phone for their ext to show.

Teacher Name - Full name, first and last as found in Encore.

Encore User Name - Same as the email address assigned.  NOT THE EMPLOYEE #

Position - For Teacher Section - This will be what grade/subject they teach.  For Staff Member Section - This will be for Paraprofessional and Support Staff.

New location if known - Information such as retired, left district, moving to Germany, moving to Burton El goes here.