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Building Social Skills With Books | BYU McKay School of Education

Improving social and emotional learning with children's literature and activities, BYU offers free lessons on CASEL's five social competencies.

Sanford Harmony Teaching Modules

‎Sanford Harmony Game Room

‎Start creating connections with the students in your classroom and family today. Sanford Harmony Game Room is a growing collection of games, tools, and resources that help children grades Pre-K-6 develop social emotional learning (SEL) skills while they play. Designed to use alone or with Sanford...

1. Access all the Quick Connection Cards for upper and lower grades.  
2. Sort by category: Conversations, Collaborations, and Community Builders.
3. Use the “Favorites” feature to save your favorite Meet Up and Buddy Up cards to use again and again. 
4. Unlock fun tokens for teachers, parents, and children while you learn with the Sanford Harmony App (coming soon).  
5. Connect with the Spanish-language version of all Harmony content, available with a simple toggle.