School Counseling Program

Program Characteristics

  • Reaches 100% of students.
  • Guidance Curriculum (Pro-Active and Preventative).
  • Involves ALL Students, Parents, Teachers, Counselors, and Community Partners.
  • Facilitates the plan for college and career readiness.
  • Developmental and Sequential.
  • Unique and Responsive Services.
  • Focuses Upon Needs and Goals.
  • Measures Program Effectiveness.
  • Helps Facilitate School Improvement for Student Learning

Process of Delivery

Various methods of delivery are employed through the Comprehensive Counseling and Guidance Program to ensure that these program standards reach every student.

Guidance Curriculum

Guidance Curriculum provides a vehicle to deliver guidance program content in a systematic way to all students through classroom and group activities.

Individual Planning

Individual Planning responds to the increasing need for all students to plan, monitor, and understand their growth and development. This planning involves students, parents, counselors and teachers.

Responsive Services

Responsive Services focuses on the critical needs of students by providing help to students who face obstacles that interfere with their growth and development in achieving competency in the guidance standards.

System Support

System Support includes the management of activities that establish, maintain and enhance the total guidance program and support the total school program.