School Counseling

Mission Statement

In partnership with parents and communities, we will foster educational excellence in a safe and nurturing environment where all students can acquire the skills, knowledge, values and commitment to lifelong learn necessary to contribute and adapt to our diverse and changing world. Our educational and organizational goals are guided by the four purposes of education:

  • Essential Skills and Knowledge
  • Civic Responsibility
  • Personal Development
  • Career Preparation

Purpose of the School Counseling Program: 

The purpose of the School Counseling Program in the school setting is to promote and enhance the learning process of every student. The role of counselors is to facilitate student development in the areas outlined in our district model as the Four Purposes of Education:  Personal Development, Essential Skills, Civic Responsibility, and Career Preparation.

The school counseling program has characteristics similar to other educational programs, including a scope and sequence, student competencies, activities and processes to assist students in achieving these outcomes, professionally licensed personnel, materials and resources, and accountability methods. Our emphasis is to help our students learn more effectively and efficiently.